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About this blog (and a little about me)

Hi, my name is Sophie.  I am 28 today and the proud mother of an adorable two week old little boy.

Hehe…reading through those first two sentences, I almost feel as though they belong in a support group.  What would this group be, you ask?  I’d call it the Association for Sleep-Deprived-Perpetually-Worried-First-Time-Mothers (ASDPWFTM).  Hum, perhaps a bit long, I’ll have to work on it…

But this brings me to my second point: the reason I decided to start this blog.  It’s simple really, my adorable two week old is going through his second growth spurt and I need to find something to do whilst he is seemingly perpetually latched onto me to eat.

In short, the point of this blog isn’t to inform you (though you will surely learn plenty as you read about my experiences), but rather to keep myself from going crazy!

Happy reading!049


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

30 thoughts on “About this blog (and a little about me)

  1. Omg, I was totally thinking about doing something like this- that’s why I’m at baby center all day! Lol. My 7 wk old life seems to be an endless growth spurt so I’m stuck in my room with a baby on the boob. There is only so much times I can call and disturb my husband at work, and I spend so much time on fb, I swear I know what everyone had for lunch today. Lol.
    Your writing tells me you’ve been writing for some time now? An English major, perhaps?

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting. Honestly, this blog is one of the things that has helped me remain sane so far. If you were thinking about starting one, I totally encourage you to. I know how you feel, right now. For me, the 6 week spurt was the worst! And lets face it, I wouldn’t want to be back at work right now, but sometimes being home alone with the baby can be boring. I sometimes feel like I lack social interaction. Then again, babycenter has helped me with that. And to answer your question, no English major for me. I’m a special education teacher who has always a love for reading. I’ve always wanted to write, but this is the fist time I actually work on such a lengthy project. All of the other times I tried, I gave up before even starting (yep, I’m a procrastinator!).

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