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Book Review #1: Feeding Your Baby the Healthiest Foods

When she came over to visit, my aunt talked to me about a book by Louise Lambert Lagacé, a Quebec dietician with many years of experience in the matter.  After doing a quick Google search, I jotted down the title and went to take a peek at my local bookstore.  After a quick glance, I decided to buy it.

I found its presentation to be alluring and its contents varied and well organized.  Lagacé’s book contains information on the ideal diet for a woman to be following pre, peri and post pregnancy.  It also includes menu suggestions for the breastfeeding woman, taking inyo account that some will ultimately be cutting out dairy and some will be vegetarian or even vegan – though she does strongly suggest that the vegan moms consult a dietician.

Among other subjects, the author dedicates a section to the benefits of breastfeeding and moves on to giving cues that identify when a baby is ready for solids as well as giving advice on which solids to introduce first.  Finally, a great number of baby food recipes are presented at the end of the book.

Despite all of the positive points that the book has, I will allow myself to offer some constructive criticism on two points.  Firstly, the English edition of the book dates back nearly ten years (2003) and so would not include the updated information found in the French edition (which is the one I bought) that was published in 2010.  Secondly, though the book covers breastfeeding very well, it almost passes under silence bottle-feeding even if there is a whole chapter about woman who can’t breastfeed.  In this chapter, the author seems to consider the reasons woman give to not breastfeed to be poor excuses and she basically shoots down each “excuse” one after the other.  On a personal note, though I do breastfeed, I find that there is too great a social pressure on woman nowadays to do so.  Ultimately, I think that though it is important to know the benefits of nursing versus bottle feeding, it is a mother’s choice in the end and her decision should not be judged.

All in all though, I highly recommend this book to all women who are either trying to conceive, pregnant or have given birth recently (think of it as a way to fill some of your sleepless nights!).


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