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Developmental Milestone #1: Head-Turning Tummy Time

I know I’ve already posted today, but I couldn’t wait for this one!  Besides, my earlier post was finished during the early (read: “very early”) hours of the morning, so in my head, it’s as though I posted yesterday.

Anyways, in the blogs, forums and books I’ve been reading ever since coming home with my brand new baby, I’ve come across mention of “tummy time” quite a bit.  This intrigued me at first, as I’d never heard of it – not even at the hospital.  However, I came to understand that it was an important activity to incorporate during the day as it strengthened the baby’s neck muscles and abs and contributed to helping him get a handle on the weight of his head (so that he could roll, crawl and eventually walk) more quickly.  Just a quick parenthesis to explain that tummy time is so important nowadays because we put babies to sleep on their backs seeing as studies have determined that this sleeping position reduces greatly the risk of SIDS.  However, not that many years ago, (like when my boyfriend and I were babies) it was customary for babies to be put to sleep on their tummies, which meant that they a chance to develop their neck muscles more quickly.

The reason that I feel the need to write a post right now is that we’ve had a breakthrough with our little boy today!  For starters, he almost fell asleep on his blanket during tummy time today.  For those of you wondering why this is so wonderful, it is because ever since we’ve started integrating this activity in our days a week ago, my son would get so annoyed and angry at us that he would use his lungs and vocal cords to their full capacity.  The fact that he almost fell asleep means that he was calm while he was lying down on his tummy (yay!).

The most exciting part, though, was that he was able to lift his head long enough to be able to turn it 180 degrees!  Usually, if he is facing left, he’ll lift up his head and then lay it back down.  But today he went from left to right!  I sincerely wish I’d filmed it; I could have posted the video in this post, but seeing as he’d never done it before, I didn’t even think of taking the camera out.  You can bet that the next time he does tummy time, I’ll have my camera out to record him.  As soon as he does it again, I’ll post the video here.


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2 thoughts on “Developmental Milestone #1: Head-Turning Tummy Time

  1. Aww, that’s really great! Yes, putting them to sleep on their backs has changed a few things, hasn’t it? My children all hated tummy time! One suggestion someone gave me with my third child was to put his Boppy pillow under his chest/upper tummy so that he could see more of the room. It helped! 🙂

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