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White Noise: Friend or Fluke?

As I was looking over the word cloud I created from my blog’s url a few days ago, I realized that the words I used most often were related to sleep.  It’s little wonder as I’ve always had issues with sleep.  It used to be that, to be functional, I needed a good eight hours rest (in a row!).  If I wanted to be really rested and have a ton of energy, I would need ten hours.  Furthermore, I’ve always been one to go to bed early (like “nine-ish”) and have had problems with insomnia.  Nowadays, my insomnia’s gone (gee, I wonder why) and when I can get six hours of sleep in two-hour increments, I can consider myself functional!

I’m almost afraid to write this – I’m sure it’ll bite me in the rear end real soon – but I haven’t had too many problems with my nighttime sleep since my son was born (minus the two growth spurts).  But perhaps, that is just a  matter of perspective.  I mean, after all, I’ve had to adjust my sleep cycles to my new role as a mother.  The problem lies in my son’s daytime naps.  As I’ve mentioned before, my son is a curious little bugger.  He is also rather gassy, which means that he does have tummy issues.  He can spend hours awake during the day.  He fights sleep like it’s his ultimate enemy sometimes and then gets overtired.  Overtired leads to cranky, cranky leads to having even more trouble falling asleep.  It’s a vicious cycle.

After reading on the Incredible Infant Blog about white noise, I decided to give it a try.  I went to the iTunes store and purchased a white noise cd for babies.  More specifically, I bought this white noise cd.  After downloading it, I decided to try it out.  It was as good a time as any as my son had been awake for two hours and was showing signs of overtiredness (yawning, looking away, glazed over gaze, whining…).  I put him back against my chest, so that his head could rest on my shoulder if he desired to (because for the past hour, each time I tried to get him in this position, he would keep his head lifted up and would push against me with his arms), clicked on a random track and started rubbing his back.  It was kinda creepy as it sounded like a recording of a fan or vacuum cleaner running.  But what was even more creepy was that my little one was asleep within two minutes!  I kept him in my arms for five minutes, not daring to put him in his moses basket as I was afraid he’d wake up as soon as he left my arms.  When I finally caved in to the temptation of putting him down to sleep, he stayed asleep – until I woke him for his next feeding!

Of course, I tried the experience again in the afternoon.  It worked again!  So far, I’ve tried this method for daytime naps six times.  It has worked four times out of six.  So you tell me: does white noise really work, or was it all a fluke?


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