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I Hate 3:00 am

To be honest, my nights have been rather stable (minus the growth spurts) with my son.  I’ll get my son to bed fine, he’ll wake up around midnight to 1:00 am for his first nighttime feeding, I’ll nurse him, burp him mid-feeding, then again when he’s done, I’ll keep him upright for 15 minutes to avoid spit ups, put him back in bed, wrap him up in his blanket and get myself back to bed.  Easy.  Rinse and repeat for nighttime feeding #2, right?  Wrong!

Actually, the copy/paste nursing session #1 option became defective about a week ago.  First of all, there is no getting him to burp at all (and believe me, I do everything I can to help him get them out because I know he has issues with bubbles).  Secondly, there is no way I can keep him upright for a quarter hour; he starts squirming around, whining and punching me in the throat within three minutes.

Of course, he is completely pooped out and so he falls asleep within seconds in my arms.  Eyes closed?  Check.  Regular breathing?  Check.  Limp limbs?  Check.  Great, let’s put him to bed!  Yeah right…

As soon as his body is fully on his mattress, he startles and starts to thrash about.  His eyes are still closed, though so I stay at his bedside to observe a bit.  He goes from thrashing to limp body on his own.  I know better than to leave right away so I keep observing and the cycle continues: startle for no apparent reason, thrash about, rubs his hands all over his head and face, becomes completely relaxed.  I figure ‘ok, he’s got this, I should get to bed now so I won’t become a sleep-deprived emotional mess’ and so I tiptoe out of his room (lest he hear me over the white noise recording that plays on a loop during naps and nighttime) and settle down in bed getting as close as possible to my boyfriend to get some heat as my side of the bed has gotten cold after a 60 minute absence on my part.

I close my eyes and start to drift off…and am rudely awoken by a loud snore.  Right on cue.  So I try to get him to stop snoring long enough for me to be able to get to sleep.  I stroke his hand softly, give him a gentle nudge, pat his back, push against his shoulder so he’ll shift positions, take a deep breath to try to remain calm, nudge him a little harder, start to feel really annoyed, curse under my breath and use all of the self-control I have left to get my bum out of bed and into the guest bedroom instead of (literally) kicking him out of the bed.  After all, he needs a good night as he has to get up to go to work in the morning.  So I slip out of the room with my pillow, close the door behind me, get settled in the guest bedroom, start to fall asleep once the blankets have finally warmed up and…am awoken by the sound of my son stirring in his room.  Except this time, he gets progressively louder so I get out of bed to pick him up (of course, he is wide awake.

By this time, it’s been almost two hours since he last woke up for a feeding.  I figure he’s probably hungry and get ready to nurse him.  Except the little bugger falls asleep in my arms as I’m moving around, grabbing my nursing pillow, settling down in my nursing spot.  So I put him back in bed.  Care to guess what happens?  Yep: startle, thrash, whine…until I pick him up and let him get some much needed rest in my arms as I settle down in front of my computer to stay awake.

So this is what my past seven nights have been like.  But of course, life would be sooooo boring if everything was predictable, so this past night I was dealt a slightly different hand.

For starters, not only was I able to get my son to burp at the end of his 3:00 am feeding, I also got a nice quantity of spit-up with no added cost!  Then, when I finally got in bed after my son finally settled down in his own, I added two steps before getting out of bed: cursing out loud and actually hitting my boyfriend out of sheer exhaustion and frustration waking him up in the process (oopsies).  By the time I was out of my room and ready to traverse to the guest bedroom, my son started to stir (right on cue) except this time, when I picked him up, I was greeted with a lovely dose of projectile vomit which led to his (and my) second pyjama change of the night (the first was due to a badly secured diaper that had caused a considerable urine leak).  This is my first baby vomit experience and so I reached out for the thermometer and proceeded to take his temperature through his wailing.  Everything looked good.  So I wrapped him up in his blanket, picked him up and settled onto the couch with him to finish our mutual night.  Of course, by the time I was all settled in, he was sleeping like a baby…

And now, it has been three hours since he last ate and he has been sleeping soundly in my arms for the past hour.  I really should nurse him as he must be hungry from the spit up, vomiting and digesting.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch a few Zzzzs afterwards.


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3 thoughts on “I Hate 3:00 am

    1. Thanks :). Actually, I would like to say that it, in fact, has gotten better and that it only lasted a week, but if I said that, I would probably be jinxed, because that’s what always happens…So for sanity sake, I’ll just say that it hasn’t gotten better, that in fact, it has gotten worse *wink, wink*.

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