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Impeccable Timing, Charlie Boy!

Ok so today was my postpartum appointment with my OB/GYN and of course, seeing as I am a part-time stay at home mom, I had the pleasure of attending it with my wonderful (almost) eight-weeker.  Of course, I had already been out of the house alone once with my baby and it had gone really well.  Today, however, was a totally other story.

The first difference was in the fact that this time around, I had an appointment.  I had to be there at a certain time.  Noon, to be exact.  You see, usually, when we have to leave the house, we leave after a nursing session.  It’s the logical time to go as we are pretty much guaranteed that he’s not going to wake up starving in the car.  Today, though, I did not have that luxury and noon was probably one of the worst times for my appointment to be.  Why is that, do you ask?  Well, simply because it is when he was due to eat (he was up for a nursing at 6 and then, like clockwork, was hungry again at 9).

Now, I don’t know if he felt my semi-stress at the day’s scheduling juggling I would have to perform, but today he decided to throw the routine we’ve been running with for the past week out the window.  Oh, what a great day to become unpredictable…

For starters, he did not go back to sleep to finish his night after his 6 am feeding.  He also remained obstinately awake until he was hungry again at 9 (this despite the fact that he was clearly tired).  Then, of course, he fell asleep nursing (told you he was tired) no matter what I did to try to keep him awake and actively sucking.  This means that a little over an hour later he was wailing away because he was (you guessed it) hungry again.  I figured, however, that there wasn’t much harm in him having eaten earlier than anticipated because it meant that he would only need to eat again around 13:30.  This would give me ample time to go see my OB/GYN and get back home in time to nurse him.  Or so I thought…

I managed to leave the house without a hitch and arrive at my destination with ten minutes to spare.  Except (hurdle #1) the darned parking lot was full (again) and so I had to park at the bank next door.  This meant more walking with the twelve-pound baby in his very light (ironic) car seat and diaper bag.  Whew, I did make it in one piece though.

When I was finally able to get myself, my baby and his diaper bag through the door, I was greeted with a very full (hurdle #2) waiting room.  ‘Great’, I thought, ‘she’s running late’.  I checked in nonetheless and sat myself down, placing my son between two other baby-filled car seats (’twas the day for postpartum appointments, it seems).  I waited, eventually deciding to unzip his seat cover and remove his tuque so that he didn’t get to hot.  He stirred a bit, but settled down almost immediately.  I exhaled an internal sigh of relief.  But of course, the relief would not last.

About thirty minutes into waiting, the receptionist’s phone rang.  It was my doctor kindly requesting she ask the people in the waiting room to stop talking so loudly.  The room quieted down quite suddenly as people smirked at the request.  Then, everyone’s attention turned to a baby stirring in his car seat.  Actually, everyone’s attention turned to MY baby stirring in his car seat.  I looked down on him and saw his little fists clenched and his face become bright red.  ‘Oh s***’, I thought.  And just as the thought took off, his eyes flew open and he started wailing it out.  Oh yeah, impeccable timing for baby gas Charlie boy.

Then, well, all of the expecting mothers looked up at me wondering how I was going to handle the situation while all of the actual mothers looked down seemingly simultaneously at their own babies, rocking them in their seats probably hoping that my son’s wails wouldn’t bring about a chorus of wails.  Of course, I also had the receptionist telling me that if I needed to nurse him, I could go in the room next door.  I thanked her, as I fished my son out of his seat telling her that he wasn’t hungry and thinking that if I did have to nurse, I certainly wouldn’t be going in the room next door, I would be doing it in the waiting room.  I mean, we were at an obstetrics clinic for crying out loud (no pun intended).

I eventually got my son to calm down by holding him in the anti tummy-pain position and pacing across the small waiting room.  Within a few minutes he had calmed down an no other babies had started crying.  He was even able to fall back asleep minutes before my turn was up.  Then came the fun part: strap the baby back into his seat, grab my coat and the diaper bag and make my way to the doctor’s office.  As if timing was everything, he woke up again as soon as my OB/GYN started talking about intercourse (guess he’s not ready to be a big brother just yet) and birth control and was definitely hungry by the time the appointment was up.  So I nursed him and went back home (not forgetting to go get something to eat on the way as it was minutes shy of 2 pm and I still hadn’t had lunch).

When I got home, I decided to leave him in his car seat (something I’ve never done before) so that he could keep sleeping and I could eat without having a cranky baby on my hands.  I’ve been home for a little over an hour now and he (and I) are still getting some much needed rest.

A thought occurs as I’m about to finish off this post.  I wonder if what happened at the doctor’s office earlier today is Karma getting back at me for smirking all those times I saw mothers try to get a handle on their baby or child acting out at an inopportune moment.  Hehe, probably…


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4 thoughts on “Impeccable Timing, Charlie Boy!

  1. Babies really do know JUST when to have a bad morning or eat at weird times, don’t they?! 😛 I don’t understand why doctor’s offices encourage us to go into other rooms to nurse. Our pediatrician’s office even has a sign about it, for goodness sake!

    1. Yes they do indeed! It completely bewilders me that doctor’s offices would encourage mothers to hide while they nurse. And wow, a sign at your pediatrician’s office! Where I go they have no issues with mothers that nurse in their waiting room. It just doesn’t make sense.

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