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10 Things Nobody Tells You About Newborns

Let me start off by giving credit to brandicusack from babycenter for this top ten list.  She started a semi rant-like, semi humorous post about the little things that we learn on our own when the baby arrives.  Many users added to the initial list.  Below, and in no particular order, are the top ten things that I have selected from the list along with the name of the poster who submitted the idea.

1.  At all times you must keep your hair in a bun or pony tail. Once baby figures out how to use his or her hands they WILL grab onto your hair and they WILL pull some out. Your hair doesn’t fall out because of the decrease in hormones. Your baby will pull it out. (brandicusack)

2.  Babies have a sixth sense of when you are sitting down vs walking around. You try to mimic the same bounce/sway motion as you did while walking and as soon as your bum touches the seat, their sitting “alarm” goes off! (mzpeach)

3.  When breastfeeding, baby will find each and every way to turn without letting go, coming within an inch of yanking your boob off. (lakendra_91)

4.  Breastfeeding will turn an ordinarily modest woman into a nudist. (arendar2)

5.  They love to poop in a nice clean diaper…. Over and over again. (Princessllea)

6.  Baby poop defies the laws of gravity.  You would think it would always go down, but it’s amazing how easily it can get all over baby’s back and even tummy! (MumSophie)

7. You WILL look retarded making stupid faces and stupid noises.  Even if you don’t realize it.  Because that’s what makes your little one happy 🙂 (chelseayaclark)

8.  Everything your baby does (except incolsolable crying/colic) seems at least a little cute…even normally gross bodily functions. (lkjohannes)

9.  Your little one knows if you are sitting on the edge of the bed or laying down. On those nights when your baby drops his/her pacifier and cries for it every 45 seconds, you’ll sit perched, waiting to see if it “stuck”. If it’s been a while, you’ll finally let your head hit the pillow and BAM, the pacifier hits the bassinet. Every. Single. Time. If you stay perched up on one elbow, s/he stays sleeping. (Wifabif)

10.  Baby will decide to nurse to sleep and stay asleep just long enough for you to get in bed, get comfy and start to drift to sleep, before deciding s/he needs to wake up and cry for no apparent reason. (nixgirl28)

How about you, what did you learn about having a newborn that no one told you?


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2 thoughts on “10 Things Nobody Tells You About Newborns

  1. So true! Every single one! Number two cracked me up because I try to fool my daughter but as soon as I sit she knows and starts getting cranky! Clever little things aren’t they 🙂

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