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Baby’s Growing Up – Another Month Goes By

Well, my son is officially two months old today.  A part of me still can’t believe that I created this precious little being.  It’s weird: some days, I feel like I’ve know him all my life, where having him in my life is the most natural thing to ever happen to me.  Other times, well… other times I feel like the noob mommy that I am lol.

So, in honor of his two month anniversary, my son got to experience more of the joys of being outside of the womb.  Yesterday, he was used as a pincushion and today he was weighed, measured and examined.

I was actually surprised at his reaction during his shots yesterday.  I really expected him to be grumpy and cry a whole lot.  I think that I was more stressed out by the immunizations that he was.  He did cry when the first needle went in and then cried with more intensity when he was pricked with the second, but as soon as I got him into the anti-fuss position, he stopped.  I was amazed at his reaction.   I had even gone to the drugstore to get him some Tempra, but he didn’t even spike a fever or anything.  Guess I’m one lucky mommy with one strong baby. Of course, he’s been sleepier than usual since yesterday, but he’s by no means lethargic and he wakes up on cue to nurse, so I guess those are all good things.

Today, I had to bring him in to see his pediatrician.  It was rather funny as we had a repeat of the last visit; he exercised his lungs while I undressed him for the nurse, cried all the way through the weighing and measuring AND peed on her AGAIN while she had him on the scale LOL.  That’s what you get for having me undress my baby when he’s all cozy and toasty in his baby car seat (because it’s freezing outside!).

Then, we went back to the waiting room, with him wrapped up in a blanket and he calmed down as we waited for the doctor to call us in.  Of course, you can probably guess what happened then… Yup, he cried as she examined him only letting up when we were finally out of the room and he was finally dressed.

But everything’s going well.  Besides the cradle cap which bugs his mommy more than it bugs him (the doctor actually suggested I massage baby oil into his scalp an hour prior to bathing him and then washing it out and going through his hair with a fine comb to remove the dead skin cells) he now weighs 13.34 pounds (6.030 kg) and measures 59 cm (23.3 in).  That means he’s gained 1.652 kg and has grown 1.8 inches in a little over six weeks!

The thing is, even though he’s grown so much since birth, I’m not convinced he’ll fit in the pyjamas his grandparents gave him for Christmas for a while…

But Grandma, Grandpa, Santa Claus made a mistake. I can’t wear this yet! I mean, I’m big, but I’m not THAT big.


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

2 thoughts on “Baby’s Growing Up – Another Month Goes By

  1. omg LOL – that picture is a riot!! Too funny!
    I just found your blog via your post in the BC Nov2012 group (about hating cutting baby’s nails). My baby girl was born 11/23.
    I’m currently reading your blog backwards… I’m sure you’ll see me commenting again! 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you found my blog and appreciate reading it. That picture is one of my favorites; cracks me up all the time. My mom keeps telling me that I’m silly, but I don’t mind. I’m sure we’ll see one another again on BBC. Take care.

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