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Baby Book Review #2: From Tiny Tot to Toddler

This book saved my life during my first two postpartum weeks.

It is produced by Quebec’s national public health institute and updated annually.  I received it right before my discharge from the hospital (though some get their hands on it via their healthcare provider when they first become pregnant) and I used it a lot.

The book is really well organized and covers the following subjects: pregnancy (including TTC), the delivery, information on babies (general information as well as nutrition, health and safety), being a family and other useful information such as parental leave, governmental programs and different resources).

With the help of the table of content or index, it is really easy to find answers to some of the most frequent questions any new or expecting parent will ask themselves such as: is my baby’s poop supposed to look like that? Because you will wonder.  More than once.  Trust me.  (Speaking of poop, Heather, the author of the Incredible Infant blog, wrote a post on the subject.  It’s really interesting and worth taking a look at).

If you’re curious, you don’t even need to come all the way to Quebec to grab a copy of the book (though you really should come ’round at least once in your life) because the guide is downloadable directly from the website that is linked at the top of this post.  Take a peek, it’s well worth it!


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