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Is it a Dog? Is it a Burglar? No Honey, it’s Just the Baby.

Something amusing happened this morning.  Though I’m not sure my boyfriend will be all too pleased, I thought I would share it with you.

I woke up for seemingly no reason this morning at 5:30 am.  Though I couldn’t hear anything, I knew that it was the baby who had woken me up.  After all, he hadn’t nursed since half-past midnight so he was most likely hungry.  I was about to get out of bed when I noticed that my significant other was getting out himself.  I figured he was going to get the baby for me so that I could nurse in bed.  However, that’s not exactly what happened.  Not right away anyways.

– Him (half-awake): Did you hear that?

-Me (calmly): It was probably the baby.  He’s likely hungry.

-Him (with certainty): No, it sounded like a dog.

-Me (confused): A dog?

-Me (matter-of-factly): No, it was the baby.

-Him (bravely): I’m going to go check.

Upon these words he shuffles out of the room and goes in the direction opposite to the baby’s room.  A short while later, he comes back in to the room.

-Him (somewhat confused): I don’t know what it is.

-Me (getting exasperated): I was the baby.  He’s hungry.

He leaves the room again and goes into the baby’s room.

-Him (relieved) : Oh!  It’s the baby, he’s awake.  Hang on, let me bring him to you.

-Me: *eyeroll* Ok.

Remember how I said in a previous post that my boyfriend can sleep through the night even if my son was crying his heart out, but that he would wake up if he heard an unusual noise, even if it wasn’t all that loud?  Well, what you need to understand is that my son has graduated from outright crying.  In fact, he hasn’t woken me up by crying for weeks now.  Now, he starts off by cooing.  If I don’t come after a little bit, he’ll go into whiny-coo mode.  After that, he’ll let out a couple of short loud screams.  Only after going through all that will he burst out into an all out cry.  I’m thinking that this morning he bellowed a few of those screams and that my boyfriend, in his half-awake state, though they were dog barks.  Of course, he quieted down as soon as my boyfriend got out of bed as he knew that someone was up and would come and pick him up.  Smart baby.


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