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Precious Moments

They say you can’t spoil a baby as young as mine.  And I’m inclined to believe that.  So yesterday, I decided I’d “spoil” myself instead.

You see, ever since we’ve been on the E.A.S.Y. routine, I’ve been consistently putting my son down for his naps in his crib.  And it’s been going pretty well.  It allows me to get some time to myself to either do something that needs to be done in the house (such as the never-ending laundry piles) or just relax.

Yesterday, however, for his late afternoon nursing session, my son fell asleep in my arms and I’m proud to say that I selfishly let him do his whole 45 minute nap there!  You see, my son doesn’t like to be cradled.  He’s just too curious.  He likes it when he faces outwards and can see what is going on.  So you can understand that after weeks (literally) of not being able to cradle my son, I jumped on the opportunity.

I absorbed every moment, observing him and just treasuring the moment because these little creatures grow up so quickly.


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

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