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Sign A Petition to Help Those Pumping, Working Mommas!

I’ve talked about the BabyCenter Community (BBC) before.  Well today, a user on the Breastfeeding Support Group started a thread to announce that she had started a petition.  As you well know, not every mom is lucky enough to be able to stay at home for a prolonged amount of time with their children.  Some have to go back as early as six weeks!  For those moms who wish to continue to give their babies breastmilk, it means pumping at work.  As far as I understand, in the U.S. there is a law that states that in a company of 50 or more employees, the employer is compelled to allow pumping breaks to the nursing mothers that work for them.  However, not everyone works in such an environment, as such, Stephanie from BBC started a petition to ask the U.S. Department of Labor to allow pumping breaks for ALL pumping mothers, not only those working in a 50+ employee job.  If you would like to lend your support, the link to the petition can be found here.  The original BBC thread is here.  Furthermore, if you would like to lend more support to the cause, don’t forget to share the link after singing!


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