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Going Out for a Stroll With my Baby Boy.

Finally!  It has stopped being 25 below over here.  Yesterday, it was a comfy -4 with no wind.  I decided it was a GREAT time to go outside and take a walk with my son.  Or rather, I’d be doing the walking, he’d just enjoy being carried by his mommy.  It had snowed in the morning so I knew that it would be hell to push the stroller through the streets (not to mention that I would have to go downstairs, get the stroller out of the garage and lug it up the stairs because our garage door opener doesn’t work) so I decided to use the baby carrier.

My boyfriend and I invested in the Mamas & Papas Morph baby carrier whilst I was still pregnant.  Now, I know that the hardened babywearers would cringe at the thought of putting a baby in this, but I bought it before even knowing about babywearing.  Their argument is that this type of carrier, which they call a “crotch dangler” because in essence the baby’s weight is supported by his crotch, can cause hip problems.  However, since no studies have linked “crotch danglers” to hip problems, since he’s not in it 24/7  (he’s not even in it every day) and since I like it for it’s practical nature, well, I’m keeping it and using it.  So there.

Anyways…I started by getting dressed to go outside and then attached the harness over my coat to my upper body.  It took mere seconds to put on as I had previously adjusted the straps.  I then proceeded to stuff (yes, I said “stuff”) my son in the cute snowsuit that a friend lent me before strapping him into the carrying pod.  Then I put on his cute tuque that had just come in from an order I had placed with Zulily and we were good to go!  Well, almost.  In my haste, I had forgotten to put on my boots which, with a baby strapped in on my upper body, was an act that even the most seasoned contortionist would be proud of.

I had already planned on going only for a short walk because I just wanted to try out the carrier.  I wanted to see how it felt and wanted to see how my son would react in it.  Well, within five minutes my son was snoozing away (which, quite frankly, amazed me as I was sure he would freak out seeing as he was facing inwards – towards my chest).  After fifteen minutes, my lower back was starting to hurt – reminding me of how I felt at the tail end of my pregnancy – and so, I decided to head back home.  (Note to self: readjust the harness to see if a few minor adjustments can help).

When I got home, I got the sleeping baby-filled pod out of the harness and set the 15 pound package on the kitchen table.  I then proceeded to open the pod (baby’s still sleeping), unzip the snowsuit (baby’s still sleeping), take off my son’s tuque (baby’s still sleeping), get my son out of the snowsuit (baby’s still sleeping) and bring him to his room so that he can finish his nap in his crib.  Of course, as soon as he hit the mattress he woke up and would not be coaxed back to sleep.  Oh well…

Overall, I was pretty happy.  My little excursion outside re-energized me and taught me a few things:

  1. I love baby carriers and would really love to try out other forms of babywearing.
  2. My son is waaaaay to big for his snowsuit; I will have to go out and buy another one (for the record, he fit just fine in it the last time I put it on him two weeks ago).
  3. I am badly out of shape.
This is what my son looked like when we got back from our walk.  I did all the work and he's the one sleeping.  Sheesh!  ;)
This is what my son looked like when we got back from our walk. I did all the work and he’s the one sleeping. Sheesh! 😉


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3 thoughts on “Going Out for a Stroll With my Baby Boy.

  1. He looks a little like the kid on A Christmas Story! All bundled and unable to move even if he wanted to. 😉 Glad you got out for a walk!

  2. I know the feeling, sometimes leaving the house with a baby in tow is almost more effort than seems worth it. My son is also on a growth spurt and I am hoping and praying the snowsuits I have are gonna get him through til the weather warms up. At the rate he is growing I am not betting on it.

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