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Toys are Overrated

Or at least, that’s what my son would tell you were he able to talk.  It’s crazy how many toys newborns get from their love-stricken grandparents.  But, the fact is, they don’t really care for them.  My son is a prime example.  Though he still loves his piano gym, he has now taken to inventing new games.

1. Lickety lick: This one started off innocently enough.  One day he discovered that he could put his hands in his mouth and was thrilled.  But as the days went by, he realized that he didn’t have to limit himself to his hands.  Oh no!  Now he licks everything he can get his hands and mouth on.  This includes articles of clothing such as our shirts, his sleeves and his swaddle blanket.  It also includes our arms, his stuffed animals and his Boppy pillow.  Of course, nothing is funner after sucking on one’s hands than rubbing said hands all over one’s face.  He must like the wet-faced look.

2.  Hello mommy: This one, he started a few days ago.  He doesn’t do it every time, but boy does he find himself amusing when he does.  It always starts off as a normal nursing session.  He’ll drink to satisfy his immediate hunger and then (generally after about five minutes) the game starts.  It goes something like this: suck suck suck, latch off, turn head, smile at mommy, latch on, suck suck suck, latch off, turn head, smile at mommy, latch on…

3.  The great Houdini:  This last game was invented this morning.  Essentially I would swaddle him.  Then I would hear him grunt and coo.  After a while I would hear him fuss.  As he fussed more and more insistently, I went back into his room.  He would greet me with a smile and one or both arms out of his swaddle.  He would only stop fussing when I swaddled him back up so that he could escape again. We played this game for about 90 minutes.  Now, I know it seems very cute and all and I probably would have found it cute had he not decided that this game should be played at 3 am!

I guess it’s all fair game though as he pretty much hates the game I make him play time and time again (tummy time).  However, today, I actually got a smile!



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4 thoughts on “Toys are Overrated

  1. Definitely #1 and a version of #2 with my baby girl… while nursing she’s already facing me and will just turn her head and pull my nipple until she unlatches and then turns back and latches again… I don’t get the added benefit of a smile and HATE when she does that! Poor nipples!

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