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“Catty” is the New Hip Look

Two days ago I trimmed his nails. Yesterday, I filed them down as much as humanly possible. This morning, I wake up to a screaming baby with a fresh GINORMOUS scratch mark on his forehead. *Sigh*, I give up…

Oh well, at least he was in a good mood when I picked him up from his crib.


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8 thoughts on ““Catty” is the New Hip Look

  1. I remember the two or three times I found Samuel that way in the morning! I felt like such a bad mama!! 😦 I started using baby mittens EVERY night, and when those wouldn’t stay on, I started using baby socks – those work MUCH better! 🙂

    1. I think I’m going to follow your lead and put his mittens on now when I put him down. Swaddling used to help, but now, he breaks out of the swaddle (even though I use a Swaddleme blanket) so I’m going to have to stop that now.

      1. Sam got out of his swaddle too, at some point, and I’m pretty sure that’s when I started covering those dangerous fingernails! 😉

  2. My little miss just gave herself a lovely large scratch in the middle of her forehead… I *just* cut her nails… again. We have 3 cats and it really does look like a cat scratch but I’m 99.9% sure it wasn’t them!

  3. My son has nails that would make a hand model green with envy too. Filing them is about all you can do. I’m too afraid to use clippers after accidentally cutting my daughter’s finger with them years ago.

    Is it still really cold there? I wish ya lived closer, or you were someone I knew. I have a whole lot of never-worn heavy fleece pajamas my son never could wear sitting here, and I’m trying to find a church or someone to pass them along to.

    1. I wish I could just file down my son’s nails. But he’s such a squirmer. I’ve tried tending to them while he was asleep, but he would always wake up. Then, I started doing them when he nursed, but he’s started playing with me while nursing so it basically takes me all day to get ten little nails trimmed. I’m extra cautious now because I’ve cut him once (because the little bugger decided that it would be a good moment to move his finger just as I was cutting).

      It actually getting warmer here *knock on wood*, but we never know, it can just as well start to freeze again next week. Where are you from to have received super warm pyjamas but never to have used them?

      1. We live in Western Pennsylvania, and while it gets cold here, I have a baby who puts off a lot of body heat. The only time he has ever worn the fleece ones were on days when we had places to go and it was really cold out. If he wears them indoors he overheats so badly he sweats. He got about 10 pairs of them for Christmas but we’ve only ever put two pairs of them on him, the rest have never been worn and are sitting in a storage crate. (I believe they are size 6 months in the carter’s brand.)

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