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Spot The Differences

You know that game where you are shown two pictures/illustrations that at first glance look the same?  Well, my son decided to play that with me while I was in the shower this morning.

I brought him into the bathroom in his highchair, put his bib on, made sure he had plenty of toys to choose from to keep himself occupied while I took the time to remove a layer of grime from myself.

This is what he looked like when I entered the shower.


And this, well this is what he looked like when I got out of the shower.


So, can you spot the differences?

The one that hit me the most, was the look of pure pleasure he had on his face!  This one is going to be a handful when he starts moving around *sigh*.


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4 thoughts on “Spot The Differences

    1. I have no idea about the bib. It attaches with some type of velcro, so I imagine that either I didn’t press hard enough for the velcro to stick or it is made in such a way that it get undone easily if it gets tugged on. Either way, it was pretty funny.

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