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Oral Stage, Dr. Freud? Ya Think!

Oh yeah!  We are knee-deep in this stage right now.  Between my son’s improving eyesight and motor skills and his natural curiosity everything he can get his dimpled little hands on goes in his mouth.  Or at least close to his mouth.

It’s so cute!  He concentrates super hard to just be able to grab an object that interests him, once he has a hold of it, he will hang on as tight as possible and then try to bring his mouth to the object (he has yet to figure out how to bring the object to his mouth).  I say “try” because he usually ends up sucking away at his hand instead.  I wonder if he thinks that he has the object in his mouth and has concluded that everything he tastes by himself is baby-hand flavored.

Oh. My. Gosh! Mom, this stuffed football tastes exactly like my hand too! How wacky is that!?!

Of course, this new discovery means that not only are his hands full of drool all the time, but his clothing, his parents’ clothing (mostly the shoulder area and forearm part of the sleeve), his toys, his stuffed animals and, well, it’s just a question of time before we can add his socks and feet to the list of slobber-covered items as he has officially discovered them today!

Oh look, oh look! I’ve discovered something new! And I think it’s even attached to me! Oh wow, how cool!


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

3 thoughts on “Oral Stage, Dr. Freud? Ya Think!

  1. Totally the same thing happening with my little girl… hands in mouth all the time and thinks it is the object she has a death grip on! She hasn’t really found her feet yet though.

  2. Thor is the same way, and his hand almost never leaves his mouth unless he’s asleep or he has a bottle in it otherwise. He hasn’t quite gotten as far as a foot in the mouth either, but he’s sure grabbing them, so I suppose it’s only a matter of time now.

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