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5 Meters of Fabric

Last Sunday I was going CRA-ZY!

Seriously, my son has been a pain in the proverbial bum these past weeks.  I’ve never heard him cry so much for no apparent reason.

Apparently, he is getting ready for wonder week #19 (more on that in another post)…

He needed to be held pretty much all the time.  And, well, he’s getting rather heavy (I swear, I’m going to be as strong as Superman by the time he no longer wants to be held).  So, I decided to invest in a new carrier.

I already have a Morph carrier.  But, I wanted something less bulky (thus less heavy) and figured that I may as well buy a carrier that was more ergonomic for my son (ie: not a “crotch dangler”).  After quite a bit of research, I figured I’d buy an Ergo; it had great reviews from the babywearing community and seemed less scary than a wrap.

So, about an hour before all the stores would close, I grabbed my cranky son (who, by the way, had slept a grand total of one hour during the day) and hopped in the car.

Imagine my disappointment when, upon lugging my sleeping (finally) son all the way from the car to the very small carrier section of my local (20 minutes away) Babies ‘R Us store, I realized that there were no Ergo’s to be found!  It was, it would seem, an online purchase only.

So, I put my son’s car seat on the floor to give my arms a break, took a breath and thought about my options:

  1. I could just go back home and be thankful that I was actually able to get my son to nap.
  2. Look at the other options that were in front of me and buy something other than an Egro.

I picked option #2 partly because I was slightly annoyed at myself at having driven 20 minutes for nothing and partly because I knew that my son was going to keep being his clingy little self-centered self (but that’s OK because he’s only four months old!) and he wasn’t going to get any lighter.

I looked at the (tiny) selection as I tried to make up my mind:

  • Baby Björn: Nope.  Too similar to the Morph pod that I already have.  I’ve heard (read) that the straps are rather uncomfortable, plus it’s a “crotch-dangler”.
  • Infantino: Nope.  It was “disrecommended” (for lack of a better term) by some babywearers because of an incident related to the sling.
  • Morph: Nope.  I already have that one.
  • Mamankangourou Amerigo:  *Hesitates*.  Darn, it’s a wrap.  *Looks around to see if there are any Ergos hiding somehow*.  *Looks back at the wrap*.

I actually ended up buying the wrap, figuring that I can surely figure it out.  Besides, I had to get a move on because my son was starting to stir and there was no way I wanted to deal with a screaming-himself-hoarse-because-he’s-tired-and-cranky baby in the middle of Babies ‘R Us if I could help it.

I got home, left my little bundle of joy still bundled up in his car seat on the living room floor and opened my new carrier.  5 meters of fabric.  “Oh s***, I thought”.

And then I looked at the instruction booklet.  It *looked* easy enough.  Just to be sure, I popped in the DVD that came with the product and followed the steps to wrap this thing around myself.  And you know what?  It’s actually rather easy!

Want to see? (I’m showing you anyways.  Oh, and don’t mind my PJs or the fact that you can’t see my face; I’m rather camera-shy (not that the PJs have anything to do with the fact that I’m camera-shy…).

The “kangaroo” position. It’s my and his favorite. I find it really comfy and he loves it because he is facing outwards and can play with his feet (the hand you see is holding one of his feet)!
The “hip carry”. I still have to work on this one to make it a bit more comfortable for me. After some experimentation, I was able to tie it at the right height so that my son could nurse. GREAT for public transit!
The “tummy to tummy”. This one is really comfy for me and allows my son to look around if he wants to and put his head against my chest if he gets tired to take a snooze. I went out and took a walk with him (with my maternity coat over us both) and it was awesome!

I’m in LOVE with the wrap!  Now, I really want to buy a woven so that I can do other carries including back carries (when my son gets older) and perhaps a sling!

Do you use a carrier?  Which is your absolute favorite?



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7 thoughts on “5 Meters of Fabric

  1. That does look comfy! I have the bjorn and have used it a bit – did about 40 minutes of walking with him today, but a friend just loaned me her ergo – I think I have to get an infant insert before I try it…

      1. I like the bjorn (but I have nothing to compare it to…yet) I do think it is difficult to adjust, sizing-wise – my babysitter used it the other day and now it doesn’t fit me right and it’s hard to get it back. Will let you know how the ergo is – Ian is 13 pounds so maybe I don’t need that insert, yay!

  2. I love this!! It looks incredibly comfy in a kangroo womb-like kind of way. Baby bliss!!

    I have to buy a front carrier for my cousins baby shower next week and I think this may be the one.

    Thanks. 🙂

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