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3 AM Is The New 7 AM

Because, obviously, there is no better time than 3am to play with one’s voice and try to pull off an act Houdini would be proud of, right?  The worst part?  I can’t even get back in bed and try to get back to sleep because though my son is happily chatting in his crib right now, the chances he will fall back asleep on his own are minimal at best.  But hey, who am I to interfere with normal development.  If he wants to play a bit and try to fall asleep himself, it’s his choice…  Though I have little hope for his success (only because though he’s proven he can fall asleep on his own now, he hasn’t proven he can fall back asleep on his own), I’m definitely going to let him give this a shot.  Besides, right now, he seems to be in a good mood so if I go in his room now to try to get him to fall asleep, he’ll probably start screaming at me, get all worked up and then take forever to get back to sleep.  At least, right now he seems content, a state which, in my book, is  waaaaaay better than his recent grumpy/cranky state.

Sorry about the rambling, it IS 3:28 am after all and I’ve been up for, well, 28 minutes now (not counting the other times I’ve gotten up since putting him down for the night…


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6 thoughts on “3 AM Is The New 7 AM

  1. When Samuel was content and chatty in the middle of the night like that, it meant he needed a change in his daytime sleep. Usually, that I needed to cut his second nap by 30 minutes or so.

    1. I’m still struggling with the nap “sweet spot” right now as naps are all over the place. Right now, if I can get him to sleep for two 45 minute naps, it’s a good day. Yesterday, however, he was down for bedtime at 6pm (put him down for his nap and he didn’t wake up until 10:00pm!) so he probably slept too much at the end of the day. I know that his needs are changing sleepwise and that he probably needs less daytime sleep than before, but it’s hard finding the right balance. Thanks for your input! It’s really appreciated as usual.

      1. What stinks is that the amount of sleep they need seems to always change! How soon after he gets up in the morning are you putting him down for a nap? I found that he slept longer when I put him down a little bit before he really seemed to need it (because, if I waited, he was already over-tired 🙄 )

      2. I’ve been putting him down after 1h45-2h, when he started showing tired signs, but since it generally takes him 20 min to fall asleep, I’m thinking he was OT. This morning, I put him down about 15 min before I thought he would show tired signs. It took him 30 minutes to finally fall asleep (each time he got close, he would force his eyes open…). He slept for 30 min and I was totally unable t coax him back to sleep. This is getting frustrating because his nights and naps have been on a downward spiral for the past month.

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