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I ♥ BabyLegs (Baby Product Review #4)

I like to dress up my son.  It’s one of my guilty pleasures.  I mean, I can stay in my old pyjamas all day, but for some reason, I feel the need to get my son into a cute attire during the day even if I know it would be loads easier (whilst allowing me to do less laundry) to just keep him in his footed pjs all day.  But I can’t, so I dress him up.

When he was younger (hehe, kinda funny to say that when he is only 5 months old), we received a whole lot of gently used clothing from a friend.  And they were all pretty easy to put on him.  But then, he started growing and putting on weight and he outgrew the clothes.  All that I was left with were some pairs of jeans.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to put on a pair of jeans on a squiggly cloth-diapered little boy who found his feet?  It’s next to impossible.  I was always dreading diaper changes because I knew I would have to fight to get the pants off and then fight to get them back on.

*Sigh* There just had to be a better way.

And then I remembered hearing (well, reading, actually) about something called Baby Legs.  Quite a few parents had commented on how awesome they were.  Each time, I was curious, but didn’t actually go and check out what they were like.  I figured “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”.

Oh, how wrong I was!

BabyLegs are, essentially, legwarmers that cover the leg from the hip down.

Why do I love them?

  1. They’ve got TONS of really cute patterns EVEN for boys (remember my rant on baby clothing where I complained that there wasn’t a lot of  cute clothing for boys?)
  2. They are super easy to put on.
  3. They don’t require to be taken off before changing a diaper.
  4. They stay on.
  5. They pretty much have one size (8cm x 33cm long) but they have one category that is smaller (newborn – 7cm x 21cm long) and one category that is larger (sports teams – 9cm x 40cm long).
  6. Because of their sizing (one size fits most) they last quite a bit longer than a pair of pants.
  7. They’ve got a category that offers a 50+ spf protection, and a category that protects against bugs (though the patterns from the latter are available in Canada, the actual bug protection isn’t).
  8. They are versatile (I’ve used them over his arms on day when he was strapped into his car seat and I noticed I’d forgotten to pull his jacket first).
  9. Oh, and did I mention they were cute? 😛 (Plus you can mix and match)

You can match (notice the camouflaged diaper)
You can match (notice the camouflaged diaper)
You can mix and match.
You can mix and match.
And when your baby model is tired of being dressed up for his photo shoot, you can get growled at by his shirt!
And when your baby model is tired of being dressed up for his photo shoot, you can get growled at by his shirt!

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