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Breaking News: Two _ _ _ _ _ For the Price of One!

My son has been particularly fussy over the past week.

Fussy when put down for naps.

Fussy when put down for bedtime.

Fussy when he woke up from his naps.

Fussy when he nursed.

Fussy, fussy, fussy…

He’s also been having trouble transitioning between sleep cycles at naps and has been waking up more often during the night and earlier to start his day (even though he’d been doing great ever since we started Pantley’s Gentle Removal plan).

I’ve been trying to figure out if this was caused by something I could change.  As such, I’ve been taking notes of his days, charting his nursing times, awake times, sleep times.  I figured that perhaps this was all a matter of him being undertired and needing an increase in his awake time.  Or perhaps, it was a problem of him being overtired because he had gone into a cycle of disrupted sleep and wasn’t rested enough.

But then, today, my son ended up unknowingly (or knowingly – who knows?) giving me the answer.  He grabbed my index finger with his two hands and stuck it in his mouth, right atop the sharp edges of his two shiny new teeth!  “Teeth” as in two of them, at the same time…

I’ll post a picture when I can, right now, each time I get him to open his mouth, his bottom gums are either covered in pools of drool and so they mask the barely protruding teeth or he sticks his tongue out which also results in him covering his gums.

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8 thoughts on “Breaking News: Two _ _ _ _ _ For the Price of One!

      1. Yep! Samuel got them one at a time until he started getting molars and then he got SEVEN at once (4 molars and 3 others). Now he gets them in pairs. 🙂

  1. yah!!! My little man has been super fussy too. We went out for date night last night and I felt so bad for the babysitter knowing he had been super cranky. This morning when he woke up crying I could see a little tooth poking through his bottom gum.

    At least now we know what was causing them so much pain!

  2. Wow – seems so soon, but really not. My first baby didn’t get his first tooth until he was over a year old and that made life so much easier! I’m not ready for my baby girl to get her teeth! I doubt I’ll be lucky enough for her to also be that old… she’s pretty much the opposite of her older brother in every way!
    Sitting up on his own, getting teeth… your son is on the fast track to trying solid foods! My girl isn’t meeting any of the recommendations to starting solid food. I don’t think I’m giving her enough opportunity to learn to sit up on her own!

    1. I didn’t have to give my son any opportunities really, he just really hated being held in the cradle position and so early on we started to hold him in a seated position because that’s the only way that made him happy. I’m really eager to start solids, but sill want to do things “by the book” and wait until he’s 6 months old. I’ll cross my fingers so that your daughter holds up a bit before she starts teething ;).

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