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Sleeping Through A Tire Change.

No, you did not misread.

I did not mean to write “sleeping through a diaper change”

I actually meant tire.

Allow me to start from the beginning…

Today, my little sister (who is not so little anymore) came over to my place for a visit.  We chattered, she played with her nephew, we did some planning and shopping for this little thing called Mother’s Day (nope mom, there is no way you’re knowing what you’re getting until the day 😉 ).  I also decided that seeing as she had a working car and I didn’t that I’d try to boost my car and then bring it to the garage so that I could get the battery changed (something I’ve been needing to do for the past couple of months now) and, at the same time, get my winter tires off.

Well, I had never boosted a car before, nor had my sister, but we figured that two resourceful girls like ourselves could handle such a task.  So I went on the Almighty Web and found a couple of tutorials on the subject. Armed with my new found knowledge, my sister and I proceeded to try to boost my car.  It was rather…uneventful.  No, really, there wasn’t even the slightest buzz of motor.  But, at least there were no accidents!  Oh well…  I ended up calling a tow truck, the guy was able to get my motor started and so I was able to get my car to the garage.

My sister met me there (with my finally napping baby in her car) and after exchanging pleasantries with our very stubborn-but-awesome mechanic, we were off towards my house again.  On our way back we were chatting about how our Indian supper would be fantastic when we hit a bump and heard a clang.  My sister parked in a small lot and got out to check the damage.  Flat tire.

I was certain that my little guy would wake up (he always seems to wake up in the car if we are stopped for longer than a red light, but he didn’t.

He slept through the opening and closing of car doors.

He slept through me taking the stuff that my sister had removed from the trunk and placing them on either side of his car seat.

He slept through the jacking of the car.

He slept through the removal of the bolts.

He slept through the annoyed drivers eying us evilly because we were taking up some parking spaces.

He slept through the whole process.

I love my son 😀


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Through A Tire Change.

  1. I had to laugh… where I’m from, to “boost” a car means to steal it. To “jump” a car is to use another car’s battery to start a dead one. I couldn’t get over picturing you guys trying to steal your own car. 🙂
    But that is awesome that he slept through a tire change… I doubt my little girl would have!

    1. Hehe, well you know now that you mention it I’m pretty sure that “jump start” is the term to use here too. We use the word “boost” in French. My tired brain mixed up the two languages! I can imagine that you had a good laugh.

  2. He is sweetie I must say.. didn’t disturb when his mamma was busy ..although mine would have started crying so that he can ‘walk’ around and touch the stuff 😀 Most of the time he wakes up when we need him to sleep

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