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“I’ll Have What They’re Having”

In 13 days, Little Dude will be 6 months old!Β  Do you know what that means?


What’s great is that he is already showing all of the signs or readiness:

– His tongue thrust reflex is gone (instead of pushing out his tongue when he feels something on his bottom lip, he opens his mouth wide;

– He can sit up straight unsupported;

– He has started making chewing motions;

– He has teeth – two very sharp teeth I may add (though this isn’t a prerequisite, it’s another sign that the body is ready for more than liquids);

– He can bring objects to his mouth quickly and accurately


– He is ALWAYS trying to grab for out food!



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10 thoughts on ““I’ll Have What They’re Having”

  1. yah! solids are so. much. fun! If your baby gives you a “I just ate a lemon look” after trying a food, try it again another day. We have found that Landon will give us the wink I don’t like this face the first time he tries something…prob just isn’t sure what it is. Then the next time we feed it to him he devours it! have fun

    1. Thanks for the tip! We definitely won’t be ruling out a food just because he pulls a funny face the first time around. I’m so excited for solids, I’m still trying to decide what we’ll give him first!

  2. Although she wasn’t meeting most of the criteria, we went ahead and started solids about a week ago now (can’t remember – she’s either a day older or a day younger than your little man)… it just seemed right one day and I hadn’t even planned it. We started off with a small piece of ripe banana in one of those pacifiers with nets for food so no large pieces get through. She absolutely LOVED it and couldn’t get enough.
    We did that for 3 days and her digestion and everything seemed fine, so we moved onto mashed banana with water that we spoon fed and although she has tongue issues, she really understands to open that mouth and is even good at letting us know when she’s done.
    We followed the 4 day rule of sticking to the same food (to more easily test for allergies) and moved onto some apples (I was afraid all the banana might back her up). She didn’t like it as much as the banana, so I mashed in a tiny piece for a banana apple puree and she loved it.
    We’re on to avocado as soon as it is ripe enough.
    It has been pretty fun so far (I was sort of dreading it) but her gusto is so amusing! Just tonight the timing worked out so that all of us had dinner together at the table for the first time. I would take a bite of my meal and then give her a spoonful to munch on… a glimpse into our future!

    1. So awesome that solids are working out so well for you! I am so ridiculously by the book for these things otherwise I would have started too. He’s such a grabber, trying to get his hands on everything we touch. Mealtime is playtime for him even if he’s not eating yet. He’s been joining us for meals for about a month and a half now, but I only started noticing a little over a week ago that he was actually interested in what was going on. Now, all that’s left is deciding what to give him for his first meal! Soooo exciting!

  3. Now be ready for the exciting new poops to occur! Solids always leave you with a surprise! haha! πŸ™‚ I remember impatiently waiting for all 3 of mine to get to the point of solids because it’s so much nicer to be able to give them options! πŸ™‚

    1. Oooh poop! And here I was getting bored with the color, consistency and odor of the ones we’ve been getting for the past six months :P. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing his reaction. I’m definitely recording his first go at solids!

      1. They all shove everything out of their mouths like they don’t like it the first few times, so don’t give up! They quickly realize that should knock the spoon/jar out of your hand to let you know what they actually hate! haha! My youngest used to make the most horrible faces when eating carrots, but he LOVED them. Kids are so weird! πŸ™‚

      2. Haha, not worrying about getting a spoon or jar knocked out of my hands, I’m trying my hand at BLW, giving him control. Otherwise, I reckon he’d try to dip one hand in his jar and try to grab the spoon with the other anyways.

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