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Oh The Mess: Adventures In Baby-Led Weaning

Today my son officially turned 6 months!  Where have these past months gone, I wonder.

It was also the day of a huge milestone: SOLIDS!

We’d been preparing for this day for quite a while now; reading up on the different ways to introduce solids, then reading up on BLW once we figured out that it was what we wanted to do, including Charles at the table when he wasn’t napping…

For his first meal I offered him a warm salad made with red quinoa with mashed roasted garlic, sautéed orange bell peppers and fresh chopped cilantro.  I also gave him the opportunity to taste some avocado and gave him a loaded spoon of coconut yogurt for him to taste if he wanted.  Notice the key words: offered, gave the opportunity and if he wanted.  That is one of the beautiful things of BLW in my opinion, you never force your baby to eat, but offer food and model what to do with it.

I could go on and on about our first meal, however a picture is worth a thousand words…


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

15 thoughts on “Oh The Mess: Adventures In Baby-Led Weaning

  1. I applaud you! I was too afraid of going straight to “real food”. I started my little man on pureed sweet potatos, then a few days later moved to squash etc. etc I never “force” anything…if he doesn’t open his moeuth for the spoon then I don’t feed it too him. He doesn’t quite get the concept of picking up food with his hands yet, are you letting your little son feed himself with the spoon and hands?

    1. It is quite scary sometimes (like today), but I’m amazed by what he can do. Each time I though he was surely going to choke, he let the chunk of food slide out of his mouth. I think it’s great that you offer without forcing, one of the things that drew me to BLW was that I wouldn’t have to play “airplane” to get my son to eat. And yes, my son feeds himself entirely. He’s learning about grabbing certain foods and I will give him some loaded spoons that he will then bring to his mouth (no always on the right end mind you!).

    1. Thanks! We’re on day 2 and I get scared sometimes when I see him shove food in his mouth, but things are going well. I’m so happy with the simplicity of preparing only one meal and not needing to play any tricks to get him to eat. The mess on the other hand…

      1. Yes it took some getting used to – cleaning the floor and walls after dinner! My son got super picky at 18 months regardless, unfortunately. But now I am confident he knows when he’s hungry and not just eating out of habit

  2. That’s really interesting. I introduced purées to my daughter several weeks ago after noticing her staring at us eat, grabbing at my spoon or food and thought, “well, she’s sitting (with slight help) and she looks interested enough, let’s try it”. She responded great so I’ve recently been playing around with different textures and flavours of food and looking on different non-modified foods to give her. She has no teeth yet, so I keep that in mind.

    Any tips and links to food recommendations?

    1. Solids are so fun! There are a few good sites for BLW. If you’re interested, I’ve put a few of them together on the blog I started to log our BLW adventures: Through the links, you’ll find sites with suggestions from everything to recipes to the types of food you can use (and what you should wait to introduce) to how to prepare the food when you make it for yourself so that it is BLW friendly.

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