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Oh S***, I Mean Crap, I Mean Poop – Yeah, It’s That Kind Of Post…

I ought warn you: I’m going to be talking about poop.

Don’t want to read about poop?  I don’t blame you.  I wouldn’t want to read about poop either.

That’s why I won’t be angry at you if you turn around and don’t read the post.

I’ll just shut my eyes a few seconds and let you back away.

*Shuts eyes*

Beep, beep, beep…

*Opens eyes*

Oh!  So you’re still here eh?  OK then, you asked for it.

Allow me to try to bestow some of the knowledge that I have scooped up so far in my whole 6 months of motherhood.

8 Pearls of poppy knowledge

1.  You’re an expecting parent?  Be ready to become obsessed with poop.  Its color, its texture, its frequency…  Yeah…seriously.

2. Breastmilk only poop smells good (can’t talk about formula only poop, is someone brave enough to fill me in on this?).  And by good, I mean a lot less stinky than the poop produced after the introduction of solids *gag*.

3.  Washable diapers are a must.  They contain the poop much better.  No blowouts!

4.  Washable diapers are a bust.  You have to start rinsing them once solids have started (because, at first, the poop isn’t solid) and that is rather disgusting.

5.  In breastfed babies (again, I don’t know if this is the case for formula fed babies), absence of poop is a telltale sign of a growth spurt.

6.  Incidentally, you’ll know a growth spurt is over when your baby starts to poop like there’s no tomorrow.

7.  You’ll be the one changing all of the poppy diapers.  Because fathers never seem to be around when one happens (this is what happens in our household anyways).

8.  It’s not abnormal for breastfed babies to skip several poopy days in a row.  Be thankful when it happens.

There.  That’s all I have to say.

But if you want to scoop up more poop – no, wait, that’s not right – if you want another blogger’s scoop on poop, check out the Gag-Free Baby Poop Color Chart over at the Incredible Infant blog.


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11 thoughts on “Oh S***, I Mean Crap, I Mean Poop – Yeah, It’s That Kind Of Post…

  1. LOL! Well said! 😀
    Hey, I didn’t ever make the #5 connection with a GS! Interesting. And yeah, #7 is definitely true here too. 😉

    1. Yeah, I’d read that it was because during a GS pretty much all of the nutrients are needed and absorbed, thus creating less waste. And I suspect that #7 is due to the fact that babies know that their dads have a greater chance at gagging during a diaper change than their moms lol.

  2. I can attest to the fact that ‘all formula’ poop does NOT smell as “good” as ‘all nursing’ milk, but not quite as disgusting as solids. Is it weird that I took the time to get to know this? 🙂

  3. I used to obsess over #8 with my eldest! She would poop every 7 days – I knew it was coming so would stay home because when it came….it came! My youngest on the other hand goes a couple of times a day, but they are manageable!!! And yes solid poo compared to the lovely breastfed poo is awful! I lamented the day I started feeding L solids, knowing that I was saying goodbye to ‘nice’ poo!!

    1. Yeah, I obsessed with the time between poops at first, and then, once blowouts were no longer an issue, I welcomed the break – and welcome it even moreso now that my little man is on solids.

    1. I ordered some flushable liners (that I can also just rinse off, hang to dry and reuse if they were used in a wet diaper). Just waiting on them to arrive! And yes, I can definitely see the motivation to EC.

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