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Caught Red-Handed

My son was suspiciously quiet when I put him on his playmat for the time it took me to go to the washroom alone…  Of course, that’s because he found a very interesting toy and decided to scoot his way to it.




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20 thoughts on “Caught Red-Handed

  1. LOL Mine is a paper fiend as well! Give her anything – note pad, tissue, paper towel, magazine and she starts ripping and shredding with joy and if she happens to be hungry, in her mouth as well… so you can imagine all of what I mentioned is definitely supervised fun!

  2. What is it with babies and tissues?! All 3 of mine would do that too! And I love how you can see all kinds of fun toys and other things to play with in the picture, but oh no, still going to nibble on the paper products! Love that you captured this moment! 🙂

    1. I don’t know what their fascination with kleenex is. Perhaps it is because each time they pull one out another one appears? To them, it must be like magic. I couldn’t resist; had to take a picture. The look on his face when he first saw me was too funny. The little guy was PROUD of his new game lol.

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