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Allergy Elimination Diet, Part 1: Dairy

After finding out that my son is currently allergic to dairy and that his bad eczema is most likely caused by the dairy (and/or something else) in my own diet, I’ve started an allergy elimination diet in hopes of controlling his eczema without the use of prescription creams.  I decided to start with eliminating dairy first because that is something I am certain his body can’t handle now that he’s started solids.

To help me with this, I went to see a dietician last Saturday.  I needed to make sure that my body had everything it needed (emphasis put on vitamine D and calcium) even though I’d be removing a whole food group from my diet.  The dietician I met with was really nice and had a lot of resources to share with me.

Among the food other than dairy that contains a decent amount of calcium that is well-absorbed by the body, there is:

– Enriched soy beverage (except we agreed that I should try to stay clear of soy as it is very common for children who are allergic to dairy to also be allergic to soy);

– Sardines (with bones);

– Pink and Sockeye salmon (also with bones)

I also told her that I had been drinking almond milk and rice milk (which are both very yummy) and she suggested I check if they contained decent amounts of vitamin D and calcium (which they do so yay!).

She also told me to check the list of ingredients in things such as cold cuts, bread products, cereal, mayonnaise and chips because they are all things that could contain milk ingredients.

Speaking of milk ingredients, did you know that there are a whole bunch of hidden names for milk protein?  I found this pdf document that lists them all from an awesome site full of ressources on food allergies.  They also provide a list of hidden names for other common allergens such as eggs and wheat.

I’ve been at it for a little less than a week now and though it is hard (as I LOVE dairy) it’s not as bad as I though.  There are so many great products out there after all.  The hardest part is thinking before I order something while eating out.  For instance, having the cheese sandwich at a local sub shop is not a good idea when one is not allowed to eat cheese.

Right now, my son’s eczema seems to be under control (I must grudgingly admit that the prescription creams are doing wonders in that department) and hope that the fact that I’m not having dairy anymore will have a positive impact once the creams run out.  Changes don’t happen overnight and I know that I have to wait at least two weeks until I see changes caused by my change of diet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed so that I don’t have to eliminate another major allergen from my diet.

I’m also happy to say that we have not had any allergic reactions since my son’s smoothie last week so I’m hopeful that his other reactions were just caused by his immune system being on high alert from the dairy he’d consumed.

Now, I just have to find a dessert that I can have when my friends come over this weekend.  Hey, I don’t suppose anyone knows a good dairy-free recipe eh?  (You know, the kind that doesn’t contain milk, butter, cream, chocolate or the like…)


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19 thoughts on “Allergy Elimination Diet, Part 1: Dairy

  1. You should check out some Paleo desserts. I’ve had great success making a lot of them, and they generally use cocoa, allergy friendly products, coconut milk, etc as alternatives. What type of dessert do you want to serve? My Pinterest board is chalk full of ideas and I can take a look to see what I know would be yummy 🙂

    1. Paleo desserts (scratches head) I will definitely check out what they are! As for the type of dessert I want to serve, I’m just looking for something that doesn’t require too much time to make and something that has pretty common ingredients. I’d love to hear some suggestions from your Pinterest board! Thanks 😀

      1. I see you Googled it! Fast Paleo is where I get alot of the desserts I’ve tried. Since I’m grain free, I really love how easy some of them are to make using ingredients that aren’t too hard to find. The ones with coconut flour are my favorite!!

  2. I love rice milk! It is my savior! I don’t think I’ll even return to cow milk even after I stop breast feeding. You might be able to keep butter in your diet… my little one is VERY sensitive to me drinking cow milk, having cheese and even yogurt, however unless I have a TON of butter (like dunking each leaf of an artichoke) she would have no response, so you might get away with using some for cooking purposes (which which allow you to use more recipes).

  3. desserts are hard… I SO MISS chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried coconut milk and almond milk ice cream… not a fan.
    I started to eat gummy things, runts or starbursts for a sweet treat and I usually am not a big fan… now I can stop wanting to eat them! oy

    1. I know! The rice milk totally surprised me! I’ve been having almond for years, but I think I might just revert to rice now. As for butter, I prefer not taking any chances right now, but I do agree that unless I have LOTS of it, it shouldn’t affect my son. As for desserts, someone suggested paleo dessert recipes. I googled it and OMG! You miss chocolate? Take a look at these:

  4. Have you tried making his smoothies with breast milk? I know a lot of moms have done that not only because of allergies, but to also make sure there is more nutrition now that the baby is trying more solids and less nursing. I don’t think it could hurt anything to try it.

    1. I’ve thought about and would do it if I were actually able to express more than half and ounce in an hour…lol We’re en route to gradually introducing formula during the day so that I don’t have to be stressed out about pumping (or not being able to) once I’m back at work. Perhaps the little milk I have stashed could be used to make some more smoothies for him though. Except the milk comes from before I eliminated dairy from my diet.

      1. Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with the allergy thing yet, crossing my fingers that I won’t have to. Considering that my hubby and I both have many allergies ourselves, I think it’s unlikely we won’t run across a problem somewhere down the line. So far we have tried, prunes, pears,peaches,sweet potatoes, carrots and apple juice with no issues. The only thing he’s had issues with so far have been cereals, but that was mostly awful stomach pains and constipation. I haven’t tried him on any whole foods yet because he’s still somehow managed to not cut any teeth yet even at 8 months.

      2. It’s great that you haven’t encountered any allergic reactions yet. For the cereal, have you though of mixing with some puréed peaches/prunes/pears/sweet potatoes? It might help with the constipation. Also, you could try whole foods if you wanted despite the fact that he has no teeth yet. Plenty of BLW parents do it. The food just has to be cut into manageable pieces. It’s actually quite amazing what these little ones can manage with their gums!

  5. It’s frustrating to me that the only other sources the allergist gave of vit D and calcium are fish, fish, and soy. I am sensitive to soy and I don’t eat fish! I do like almond milk, though, and I’m glad that it contains calcium. 😉
    How about a nice fruit bowl as a dessert? Or blended fruit drinks? 😀
    I’m so glad he hasn’t had any more reactions! xo

    1. There are other sources of calcium and vitamin D, but the quantity is minimal, meaning I’d have to eat a LOT of one food to get a decent amount. I’ve also found that ground flax seeds and chia seeds contain quite a bit of calcium, so I’ve been putting some in smoothies for breakfast. Thanks for the dessert suggestiong!

  6. Hey! I eliminated dairy from my son’s diet to see if it was causing eczema and it worked! I’ve blogged about it a bit and includes snack ideas and recipes sometimes too. My blog is

    For dessert you could make the chocolate balls on my snack ideas blog to serve with coffee. They are made with raw cacao from the health food store which is completely dairy and sugar free and they are delicious!!!

    1. Someone here mentioned maybe being able to keep butter in for cooking. In AUS we have a dairy free butter called nuttlex and it works just as well in cooking so look out fpr something like that. In our house we drink a combo of almond, rice or oat milk and my son loves it. He is almost 2 now and wouldn’t know the difference.

      1. Thanks so much! Will definitely be checking out your blog. Did you use alternate milks (rice/almond) for cooking when your son was starting solids? I don’t use butter for cooking much, but I’ll definitely check out if we have dairy free butter nearby!

      2. Yup I use oat milk all the time in my cooking and it is just fine. You wouldn’t even know the difference. I have a great dairy free pancake recipe in there that is super easy to make and will be great for when you bub gets to finger food stage. I try to keep posting stuff as I come across really great things that work for us so keep on the look out!

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