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Friday Photo Recap

I’ve decided that I’d start a new theme on my blog: Friday photo recap (kind of like Wordless Wednesday but mommytrainingwheel style :D).  I’ll be putting up pictures of things we did over the week with Little Dude.  The thing is, there are always so many things I want to write about but don’t necessarily have the time to.  Often, when I get around to writing about one particular event, others have surfaced and so, the one I was planning on writing about kind of ends up on the back burner.  So, without further ado, here are a few of last week’s moments!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Photo Recap

    1. Thanks! The pool actually surprised me (I thought for sure he’d whine because the water felt rather cool when going in). He had a BLAST though and when we went a second time he put his face in the water several times always coming out with a ginormous smile on his face.

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