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Don’t Waste A Day As A Dad

Just a beautiful short video that reminds us all of how quickly life goes by. Watch it, go hug someone you love and carpe diem – seize the day.

dads thinking

There is an amazing video below all parents should watch. A beautiful use of jelly beans.

Life is beautiful. Short. Delicate. Fragile. Now.

Don’t put off telling your family how much they mean to you, even amongst the craziness, lack of sleep, stress and chaos.

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Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Waste A Day As A Dad

  1. Reblogged this on surprisemama and commented:
    I wanted to reblog this post that I found on mommytrainingwheels this morning. She had reblogged it from dads thinking. this short, impactful video sure made me think. It also made me smile, and it made me cry. It made me realize how precious life is.

    As the bloggers before me have both said, life is now. So, lets go live it. Enjoy your jelly bean today. I hope that you do something incredible with it.

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