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Before & After

We had some friends over yesterday evening for supper and chitchat.  One of the couples, brought along their lovely almost seven week old preemie.  For the occasion, I had found the moses basket that my son had so many naps in and brought it out so that baby boy could be close to momma and papa.  As their little one finally abandoned himself to sleep (turns out he is a sleep fighter too) I looked down upon him and marveled at how tiny he was.

Little Arnaud. Doesn’t he look relaxed, with his arms up by his head? He doesn’t have a care in the world!

I remember thinking that I couldn’t remember my son ever being that tiny.  I mean, surely he was small, but that small?  So I decided to find a picture of him when he was still a newborn, sleeping in his basket.  Then, just for kicks, I decided to take a picture of him seven months later in the same basket, just to have a visual of how much he’s grown.  I mean, I have the numbers, I know that he’s grown 7 inches since birth and has gained 12 pounds, but numbers are abstract.  I needed to SEE it.  And see it I did…my little boy has definitely grown (and keeps growing and growing!).


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