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Sloooooooow Down Little Dude!

Everything is going by so quickly!

My son has passed the 7 month mark.

He now has five teeth which he loves to grind together and run his tongue on.

Crawling is not far away, it seems, as he has become rather mobile.  Today marks the first day he was able to get on his hands and knees.  Only yesterday, he wasn’t able to make the transition from one knee to two.

He keeps on impressing me with regards to food.  He is now able to manage slippery foods like cucumber and soft foods like banana and he is eating more and more.  In fact, BLW has worked so well that now, when I have to give him some benadryl for an allergic reaction or advil to help him through teething, he keeps his mouth resolutely shut if I do not let him hold onto the medication syringe by himself *sigh*.

He almost always falls asleep on his own and very seldom accepts to be rocked anymore.

And now…he is starting to pull up from a seated position.

It seems that the helpless newborn that came into this world at the end of November is definitely gone.  And, while I’m excited about the emergence of his new skills and his gained autonomy, I can’t help but feel a little sad.



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17 thoughts on “Sloooooooow Down Little Dude!

  1. I hear you. Our boys are about the same age. Mines 7 1/2 months old and is army crawling everywhere. Last night the husband had to lower the crib all the way down because 1: he stood up in it and 2: his older brother was climbing into it. Now that’s its lowered neither can do this anymore. He has popped his forth tooth recently. He had two by 3 months. And he loves homemade food to were he’s basically refusing to eat store bought food.

    1. Wow! Two teeth by 3 months! That must have been awful! We’ve also put down the mattress to the lowest setting as I don’t fancy waking up with a thud and a screaming baby in the middle of the night.

  2. Wow, he really is progressing so quickly! 5 teeth – that’s amazing! I know how proud you are of all his accomplishments, and blogging about it is simply one way of keeping all those little memories alive. He is going to continue to change and morph from infant to little boy, but you are doing a fantastic job of keeping every version of him remembered!

  3. My son is now 3 and he won’t let me do ANY of this stuff anymore 😦 It’s great to see them grow up and be… but I do miss the baby stuff. Oh well maybe we’ll have another one!

    1. I’m sure he’s going to be giving me a run for my money once he starts to move around. But I am trying to cherish every moment (except for those scream-my-head-off-for-no-apparent-reason-all-night-moments lol).
      Can’t wait to see all of the things my little man has in store for me in the months to come.

  4. I hear you! Everyone says it goes so fast and it sure does! You seem to be documenting it all and appreciating every minute – I guess that’s all we can do… 🙂

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