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Dairy Elimination

A little under three weeks ago, I wrote about how I had eliminated dairy from my diet to see if it would have an impact on my son’s eczema after finding out that he was allergic to dairy when we started solids.  At first, I considered just weaning my son, but I have become very attached to breastfeeding and so I decided that taking milk products out of my diet was a small price to pay to provide my son with free milk that is adapted to his needs (even though I really, really love dairy, especially yogurt and cheese!).

To help me make sure my body got everything it needed despite removing a whole food group from my diet, I went to see a dietician who not only helped me figure out what I could and couldn’t eat, but also gave me some great tips on nutrition in general (especially with regards to snacks).  To read more about smart snacking, you should definitely go check out my guest post on Valerie’s blog over at atlantamomofthree!

It was difficult at first because I had to remind myself that I couldn’t eat certain things.  I have also gained a new respect for those of you who have food allergies.  Wow!  I’ve been reading every label to make sure there is no dairy and when I ate out, I always have to ask whether there is dairy in a certain food or not.

The first week or so was also rather discouraging as my son’s eczema didn’t seem to let up.  The creams we were prescribed worked great, but when we forgot to put some on my son, we would notice it quickly.  I started wondering if I would have to remove other foods from my diet (because he has had reactions to things other than dairy so far).  I knew that I had to wait a good two weeks to start seeing results, but we only really noticing a change a couple of days ago.  The thing with dairy is that it takes a loooong time for everything to get out of your system.  According to what I read, I need to wait a full three weeks for all traces of dairy to be out of my system then another two weeks for it to be out of my son’s system!  So far, so good though.  I think I really hit the nail on the head when I decided to remove dairy.  Too bad I didn’t know beforehand that this is what was likely causing his bad eczema…


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5 thoughts on “Dairy Elimination

  1. Oh, I hope that you continue to see improvement!! 😀
    Have you decided what you will do once you go back to work? I know plenty of women pump when they work full time, but WOW, it seems like a lot of work. :/
    I am sorry you have had to remove dairy from your diet – I am the same with cheese – LOVE it! 😉

    1. I think I’ll give pumping a shot. I do have some formula in case things don’t go as plan, but I’m seriously having trouble seeing myself weaning my son. Perhaps he’ll have formula when he’s not with me but breastmilk when I’m home with him. If I were able to stay at home, I would probably go with extended breastfeeding and self-weaning (despite the fact that I didn’t understand mothers who did that before I gave birth), but it’s just not possible this time around.
      Right now, I’m working on building a stash because I’ll be away from my son for four days at the end of July. I might have to introduce formula before I go anyways so we’ll see how things go.
      I used to pump when I put my son down for naps and for his bedtime, but with the dog now, it has become more complicated lol.

      1. Sounds good! 😀 I’m sure there are many women who give formula during the day and still nurse in the evenings (and on their days off), so you might be an extended nurser even while working!
        I hope the pumping goes well. 🙂

  2. I am so glad that this is working. Will you put dairy back in your diet when you are through with BFing? Have you noticed that you feel differently (or better) now that you are not eating it? I hope that everyone continues to improve. Do you think that he will grow out of this allergy?

    1. I am definitely going to put dairy back in my diet when I stop breastfeeding. I miss it too much. My body feels as though it is missing something even though I get my nutriments elsewhere. I am hoping that he will grow out of his allergy, but only time will tell, I suppose. Can’t wait to see the allergist. A little over three months left and we’ll get some answers.

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