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Where Have The Last 8 Months Gone?

Both the baby AND the dog are napping right now.

That’s a good thing, by the way.  A REALLY good thing because after being woken up by a choir of wails this morning at 4:45am and being denied a restful nap this morning by Mr. I’m-too-cranky-and-tired-to-sleep-more-than-25-minutes, I was starting to feel as though I wouldn’t live through my day.

But it’s all good now.

I am slowly catching up on the piles of unread posts that litter my reader and, in the midst of all the excitement over the royal cervix, I am slowly realizing how quickly my son has changed over the last 8 months.  Because today, he is eight months old.

Really?  Someone pinch me.

Starting today, Little Dude is going to be joining us for three meals.  Since we started solids exactly two months ago, he has become more and more adept at eating.  Seriously, he does not waste any time at the table anymore.  He KNOWS exactly what to do with the toys-become-food that are placed upon his tray.  We have shifted from the quinoa-covered-baby who tentatively dipped his hands in his first meal before putting them in his hands.  Today, he ate (not played with, not threw on the ground) 1.5 lebanese cucumbers, 1/4 toast and 5 spoonfuls of non-dairy ice cream.  This is what his tray looked like afterwards:

Those are some serious skills!  He is now able to handle more and more foods: slippery foods, smaller pieces, soft foods.  It never ceases to amaze me!

Of course, that’s not where his skills end.  You see, he is also definitely getting ready to crawl.  It’s so cute: he’ll get on all fours, bring on hand forward and then kick out the opposite leg repeatedly to try to go forward.  When he has his legwarmers on, he’s able to move forward like this.  Otherwise, he just gets stuck and frustrated.  He’s also recently discovered how to sit up on his own.  It was quite the surprise when I went to get him when he awoke from his nap the other day and discovered him sitting up.


One thing’s for sure: his motor skills have developed very rapidly over the past month and it’s awesome!


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

11 thoughts on “Where Have The Last 8 Months Gone?

  1. Sounds like hes doing great my guy crawled and walked within two week ages 9months. Soon hell be off.
    As for the food how do you get him to eat off a spoon i have fighting battle ever mealtime with Vk. Nightmare… he just wants boobie!

    1. Within two weeks! Eek! Talk about a quick transition.

      Regarding solids, we never spoon-fed. We started off with baby-led weaning at 6 months because he was just really interested in solids early on. To this day, he won’t let anyone bring a spoon to his mouth (my MIL tried and tried and tried without any success), he wants to do it by himself. So we just put the mushier foods on a spoon and then set the spoon on his tray. It took him a little while, but now he knows EXACTLY which end goes in his mouth. Perhaps you could try that?

      1. Woah. Messy! I might have to try while my husband is away and perhaps outside naked.. he does great picking up and feeding himself. Although not everything you can just dump on the tray.

  2. LOL, the “royal cervix”!! That’s too funny.
    Happy 8 months! He’s doing so well, Sophie. Love how active he is and what an appetite! 😀

    1. I’m hoping that appetite will come in handy. I’m leaving for New York in 2 days for 4 days and haven’t been able to express enough milk… (lost track of time and though I still had a week left) He HATES formula so my MIL and partner will have to try to have him drink it by mixing it with breast milk. I’m thinking he can have bottles before bed, during the night and when he gets up and if worst comes to worst, he can have some banana smoothies made with formula during the day…might work. I do think he won’t let himself starve to death though.

  3. huh… I wrote out a comment and then it disappeared, so I’m rewriting a different/longer comment (and mentioning it just in case the other one shows up too):
    I can’t believe I lived on 5 hours or less (combined) sleep per night for 8 full months!!! My little girl has her version of crawling now – enough that “just sit here for a moment” no longer exists in our household… she’s on the move and going right for everything she shouldn’t! (mommy is in trouble!)
    Just curious, but is Charles going through what seems like a growth spurt right now? I know one is expected at 9 months, but my little girl seriously seemed to be on a hunger phase today! She was just eating and eating today (mostly more solid food, but also a little more breast milk too). And last night she slept 9.5 hours STRAIGHT with absolutely no interruptions (this RARELY happens) which now I realize could have been her “sleepy” phase… which means that tonight could be the “baby who sleeps even worse than usual” phase… ugh. I saw some others on BC questioning if there was a growth spurt at 8 months, so I already know I’m not alone… wondering if they should just make it official!

    1. Hey! I don’t know if my son’s going through a growth spurt. I actually think that he just understood that the “toys” on his tray were actually food. It’s crazy, but he’s reduced his nursing too; used to be every 4h max, but now, I usually nurse him after 5h because I don’t want my supply to drop too much and I know that milk should be his primary source of nutrition right now. Wow for the 9.5h of sleep (keeping my fingers crossed for you so that it’s a sign of things to come and not a GS)! A little over a week ago, Charles dropped one night feed and when I was gone for four days (his dad and mamie babysat) he only woke up once on the first night and not at all on the other ones…). Haven’t been over to BC lately, but there may well be a GS at 8 months. Of maybe a WW? I don’t know, my son started to crawl a couple of days ago so that might be it. (Sorry it took so long to reply, I was AFK for the last 4 days or so).

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