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My Dog Has ADD

This is what a typical morning outing looks like with our dog.

5:30 am, Abby (formally Gracie) is whining in her crate.  Her bladder is full and she just can’t wait to get out.

Me: Abby, do you need to pee, come on, let’s go.  *Opens the crate*

Abby follows to the top of the stairs, tail wagging furiously and looks as I put on my shoes.

Me: Abby, come *grabs the leash*

Abby stretches comes down the stairs and sits.

Me: Good girl, Abby.  Lets get the leash on you.

Abby thinks: Ooooh look some hands!  I love hands!  I want to play!  *Tries to nibble on my hands as I attach the leash to her collar*.

Me: *I stand up and put my hand on the door handle*

Abby thinks: Oh that’s right, I have to sit quietly before she opens the door.  I probably should sit, I really need to pee.  *Sits and looks up at me with excitement*.

Me: Good girl.  Come on.  *Opens the door*

Abby thinks: OhMyGoshOhMyGoshOhMyGosh!  So many yummy smells.  *Pulls forward, tails wagging like mad*

Me:  Abby…*waits for the dog to sit down* lets go pee.

Abby thinks: Pee, pee…that’s right, I really have to go.  *Walks out onto the grass, following my lead.  Smells to find the right spot.*

And then, the fun begins…

Abby thinks: Oh look!  An acorn!  I LOVE acorns!  I want it!  *Pulls towards the left, but is stopped by the leash tugging on her collar*

Abby thinks: Ooooooo, a leaf!  *Pulls towards the right*

Abby thinks: Is that a cat I smell?  *Tugs forward on the leash*

Abby thinks: Hang on, wait, I’m outside walking right now.  Just walking.  This is nice, I think I’ll just follow…Holy crap!  A dried up worm.  I want to eat it.  *Lies down on the ground and attempts to lick the dried up worm off the ground*.

Abby thinks: A BIIIIIIIIIIIIIRD!  *Bolts forward and jumps up to try to catch it as it flies away*.

Abby thinks: Wait, what were we doing again?  Oh yes, I need to pee.  Now, if I could just find a spot.  *Pees on the grass*.

Me: (finally!)  Good girl Abby!

Abby thinks: OK, now that that’s out of the way, I want to keep walking a bit.  I like walki… Awesome!  A branch!  And it’s so long too.  *Pulls towards the left*

Abby thinks: Argh, so frustrating,  This leash thing won’t let me go where I want.  *Decides to walk nicely for a bit*

Abby thinks: This is booooooring.  Oh!  I know!  I’ll just play with the leash!!!!  *Bites down on the leash and attempts to play tug of war with me as we make our way back home*.

Me: No Abby.  Drop it.  *Wrestles with the puppy to get the leash out of her mouth*

Abby thinks: Ooooooo a GAME!  *Drops the leash to playfully bite my hands*  *Stops nibbling on my hands to bite the leash*

I could go on and on, but I suspect you get the point.  I adore her, but she is young and sometimes drives me nuts.  We’ve hired a dog trainer though.  The first thing we’re going to work on is walks.  Then, we’ll move on to other things.  Like not biting humans…

Abby, rockin' the "bat look" with her big floppy ears.
Abby, rockin’ the “bat look” with her big floppy ears.





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