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Emergency Vet Visit

Sooooooo our little Abby fell rather ill the other day.  Friday, to be exact.

On Thursday, she hadn’t really been eating but I wasn’t too worried because she was still drinking and was rather energetic.  Then, on Friday, things took a turn for the worst.  She didn’t touch her food at all and hardly drank.  The day began with loose stools and as the day progressed she became more and more listless even refusing to go outside for a walk.  She was thirsty but couldn’t keep anything down and she was just plain miserable.  I was starting to worry a bit, but really went into panic mode when…well…details aside, lets just say that I call the emergency vet clinic and was told to bring her in right away.

I put her crate in the car and got her inside to drive the 30 minutes to the clinic.  While she was in the car, she did not whine at all, a very odd behaviour given that it usually takes her quite a while to calm down in the car.  She perked up a bit when we arrived at the clinic because of all of the new smells and she sniffed around as I registered her (she is part Beagle after all, her nose is at the center of her life lol).

Because of the rapid progression of the symptoms, she was quarantined and a Parvo test was issued.  I sat in the room with her, hoping that she hadn’t contracted the very infectious (to dogs) virus as she lay down on the floor and trembled while she tried to sleep.  Luckily, when the vet came in after about a 90 minute wait, she announced that the test had come back negative.  We discussed treatment options and possible causes (that raged from swallowing a large object to gastroenteritis) and I opted for treating the symptoms at home instead of an (200$) x-ray (an overnight stay – as was recommended – would have cost me 2000$!).

She was given some fluids and was injected with an antibiotic, anti nausea medication and antacid and I was sent home with the same medication in pill form plus some mushy easily digestible food to give her.  I got home a little before midnight and Abby didn’t protest when I put her in her crate for the night, nor did she wake at her usual 4:30 am to go outside.  The next morning, I was only just able to give her her meds (hidden inside two small meatballs of special food), however, by midday, she was already feeling much better.

She is now back to her usual playful, curious self and I am relieved.  It seems as though it was a stomach bug after all.

I also learned that I should have become a vet; it is a very lucrative business.  Our little visit cost us a nice half-grand…

All better!
All better!


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6 thoughts on “Emergency Vet Visit

  1. Aww, I’m sorry she wasn’t feeling well and that it scared you! 😦 Oh my word, vets cost SOOOO much! Grr Glad you didn’t pay the overnight! Whoa

    1. I knew I’d have to dish out for the vet, I just didn’t expect the bill to rise so quickly. As for paying for overnight, I simply wouldn’t have been able to even if they had told me it was necessary. But she’s feeling better, so that’s all that matters.

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