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What Will He Think?

I’ve been blogging for a little over 8 months now and I feel GREAT about it!  To be frank, I never thought I would ever make it this long already.  Of course, it helps that I’m still on maternity leave and so I do have some “me” time during the day, but I’ve grown to love blogging a lot.  I sure hope that I’ll be able to integrate it in my working life (which is coming up much to soon for my tastes…).

As you may or may not know, I essentially started blogging to help me stay awake and sane during my son’s block feedings and multiple night wakings when I first brought him home.  Though the blog is still mostly about him and how I’m dealing with this new reality known as parenting, the blog has evolved somewhat.

Right now, though it is a great place for me to vent and find support from you wonderful bloggers that take the time to visit my blog / like posts / comment on posts (thank you VERY much, by the way!) I see it mainly as an online scrapbook that details my son’s evolution (because lets face it, I don’t have time to make an actual scrapbook).

Writing this public journal of my son’s life, however has led me to wonder about a few things.  First and foremost: what will he think when he learns about this pretty detailed description of what is going on in his life?  Will he be happy?  Fascinated?  Embarrassed?  I don’t know how long I will be keeping this up.  “This” being everything from blogging in general to blogging about my son.  I mean, where does it stop?  I know I’ll be having more children and so, eventually, the spotlight won’t be just on him anymore, but still..

I mean, think of you own parents’ efforts to keep a record of your childhood.  We all have those pictures that we would prefer no one sees.  You know the ones I’m talking about…like the one where you’re in the bathtub with you brother and sister (which, for the record, doesn’t sound too bad at first – until you learn that my brother and sister are respectively 7 and 10 years younger than I *ahem* thanks mom).  At least, in my case, I can choose to skip those pictures or hide them.  My son, on the other hand, will have no such luxury (not that I’m planning on snapping many bath time photos – I’ve never really understood the appeal 😉 ).

But seriously.  How will he react to my description of sleepless nights, his bowel movements, the fact that he was breastfed for (so far) 8 months?  What will he think of me when he learns that I’m not/wasn’t too keen of his pediatrician or that I felt so overwhelmed sometimes that I broke down and cried and couldn’t wait for his father to get home?

I suppose only time will tell; I’m not on the verge of giving up blogging any time soon (or, in any even, I don’t plan to).

Those of you who have older children, what do they think about your blog?


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27 thoughts on “What Will He Think?

  1. Ive never really thought about it like that.
    This blog for me is more personal like you said the scrap booki never had time to make.
    I love to look back and read the posts from when he was first born.
    As for what he will think, ive no idea. So far ive not shared any embarassing photos of him nor do i plan to.
    I do wonder how long ill keeptl this for thought so far 4 years and going strong still.
    Then i wonder about time when i go back to work. Although im sure ill have the time while i travel the 2hour comute everyday,

    1. To be honest, I hadn’t given this blog much thought until, well, this thought of what he might think popped in to my head. I also love reading through some of my earlier posts.
      I don’t plan on sharing anything embarrassing either, especially not in the realm of photos, but one never knows. There are some things that I may find perfectly inoffensive that he will not be pleased to read about.
      But perhaps I am overthinking this 😉
      And kudos to you for keeping up with your blog for 4 years. That’s wonderful!

  2. All children are growing up the technology/electronic age now, so I doubt they will have negative feelings about being “blogged”. 😉 However, steering clear of embarrasing photos is wise, I think.
    My children like when I post about them. 🙂 When I share photos, I am always positive (and you are too!) so they like it.
    Yay for 8 months of blogging!!!

    1. You are totally right. Times have changed since we were children and nowadays technology surrounds us. I’m certain that many of our children’s friends will have had (at least at one point) a bloggy mom.
      I’m happy to hear that your children like it when you blog about them. It is, of course, always done in a positive light, so they really have nothing to be ashamed of.
      Yay indeed for 8 months. I really would love to continue. I think I may have to start planning my blogging once I start back at work ;).

    1. Oh yeah! The digital age is the best for helping us capture every moment. I especially love the simplicity of a digital camera. I just set it to Hi-Speed Burst when I want to capture the perfect picture ;).
      And seriously, who does have time for an actual scrapbook? I’m in awe of the moms who can actually do it. Of course, perhaps I will be able to make on later on seeing as I have everything recorded here.

  3. I’ve seen this topic come up a few times lately, and I think people worry about it too much. I think you are giving it just the right amount of thought 🙂 We do need to be mindful of what we are sharing about the experiences of our children because, after all, they are THEIR experiences. However, it’s not like their cruel middle school peers are going to look up their mother’s blog and start picking on them for being breastfed. If they do, what an excellent lesson in dealing with stupid people for your child.

    I always think about the things I post because I know that many people in my community(ies) will read what I put out there and there are some things I just don’t want everyone to know. I think that is the best general rule for deciding what to write about our kids: would I want people to know that about me? I do have to temper that a bit because I don’t embarrass easily thanks to my gregarious family.

    Good work, mama!

    1. It’s funny that this topic has popped up so much lately. Maybe it has to do with the time of year?
      I agree, we *do* need to be mindful of what we write. But I suppose that given that I am totally comfortable sharing the things I do with the online world, I shouldn’t worry about what the people around me (my son included) will think of it later on.

      You are totally right! I doubt that his peers are going to look up a blog about him later on, but if they do, it is something we’ll be able to deal with down the line. I think, however, that you have pointed out my biggest fear: my son being picked on at school somewhere down the line. I know that it has to do with my own experiences in school. But the negative experiences I lived through during my school years have only made me a stronger person and I have to have faith that I’ll be able to help my son through rough times should they appear.

      Thanks for your input!

  4. Congrats on 8 months blogging! I too have seen this topic come up a bit lately. I have been really wanting to write a post about bonding with my baby as it didn’t happen for me immediately but I am petrified about him reading it and thinking that means I didn’t love him. For me, it just means I need to write it the right way and introduce it at the right time. He is no likely to have unsupervised internet time for many years to come yet!! Good luck! And keep on blogging!

    1. Thanks!

      I wonder, would you like to write a guest post on my blog about bonding with your baby? I’ve been thinking of asking some of you wonderful ladies if you would be interested in guest posting, but hadn’t gathered up the courage to do so yet.

      Take care mama!

  5. I feel like that sometimes too because I originally started blogging to keep track of the “fun” things my kids put me through. My friends enjoy reading about the craziness that is my life, and I’m sure the kids will be embarrassed as they get older. But, you know what? That’s life. Just like those pictures your mom took that you want to hide (I am 7 and 12 years older than my brother and sister so I totally get it), it’s your turn to be the embarrassing parent! And, some of the stories will make you laugh as you reminisce in the future [my sister and I have tons of fun retelling blushworthy stories now that we are older about who was worse growing up] so cherish them, no matter how embarrassing! You know your son will say you are embarrassing him as he gets older so this is “pre-payback” for those days! 🙂

    1. You’re right! No matter what we do (or don’t do, or try not to do, or try to do but mess up…) we will always end up embarrassing our children (that’s what parents do, right? 😉 ). And I must admit that put in perspective, from my 28 year old self, a lot of the embarrassing things my mom and dad did make me laugh now and I gladly tell the stories.

      1. Exactly. I actually feel closer to my siblings when we tell all of our scary stories, ironically. Who knew that was possible?! 🙂 Here’s hoping our kids eventually feel the same way!

  6. I am so happy I found you! My son will be 7 months old this week so our boys are quite close in age. This will make reading your blogs even more interesting!
    I am new at blogging so feel free to comment if you think I am on the “wrong track” though as you said it is more about not going crazy than anything else in many cases. 😛

  7. I was unsure to comment on your dilemma because it all comes down to what You feel is right. Even if I say “go girl don’t worry” you might still decide on blogging less about your negative experiences in order to prevent the kind of embarrassment you fear.

    However, I can share with you my approach on this matter:
    I started blogging a month ago and you can tell… so I am personally blushing about not knowing what a widget is. HAHA

    But besides blogging I take hundreds of pictures of my son. Every month I make an album of his best moments (according to me :P). I post pictures of him on FB and I also write a lot about him in my emails.

    I think he will not be so interested in all this when he will be older. I would love to believe that he will be addicted to reading my blog and looking at all the pictures I took of him but it won’t happen.
    And if I am wrong than that will only mean that for some reason he finds it cool to read his mother’s diary….

    I used the word diary (I actually have that as well…I am a freak I know) but in reality my emails are my most personal encounters. And the conversations I have with my husband. Blogging and sharing pictures on FB is more about having a hobby. I think nothing will traumatize in neither of them.

    And the breastfeeding pictures, the naked ones of him is kept safe in my albums. Not even the grandparents see those (though if they would specifically email me about them I would not act as a lioness gatekeeper :P).

    Thank you for letting me share this with you!

    1. I think you’re right, I suspect that my own son will not be that interested in this blog by the time he’s old enough to read it.

      I too take loads of photos, they’re all organized in my IPhoto and once in a while I print some for the frames around the house, but I have not found the time to actually make an album, kudos to you for doing so!

      I think it’s a good idea to not censor the photo opportunities, but to keep the ones that are more likely to make him cringe in an album for safe-keeping. That way, you keep a record of the memories, but don’t give access to them to everyone.

      Thanks for your input!

      1. Pictures in frames?! Oh my goal for the century! HAHA
        When I say “albums” I mean on my laptop not actual hard cover albums that you can put in your lap touch, smell and look at… 🙂

  8. I think that blogging might become the new version of a baby book. Being the 3rd and last child in my family, my baby book is sparse and I would personally have loved if my mom had had some journal entries of dealing with me for the first year of my life (especially when I was about to have my first baby). I think this will just be the new norm… kids these days are connected since birth (my baby girl has played with a smart phone a few times already and my 7 year old already assumes all screens are touch screens) and I can just hear the conversations with friends when they are in high school or college saying “so did your mom blog about you?”
    Personally I think it’s good to have an honest source of memories of dealing with a baby… to share with your son maybe after he’s married and thinking about children (or to scare him when he’s a horny teenager!). Why not tell the truth of it and forewarn that it’s far from easy? At the very least his future spouse would probably be amused.

    1. Times have changed and with the insane amount of “mommy blogs” I’m sure you’re right in assuming that blogs will become the new baby books.

      I agree that it’s important to have an honest source of memories with regards to having a baby and raising children. I know that I was happy when my mom shared the things she went through with me as a baby and child and her stories have helped me become a more confident parent.

      Lol to scaring him when he’s a horny teenager!

  9. I think he will love it! I think children love hearing stories about themselves as babies. My daughter does and I do too! That is the beauty of the digital age, we take more pictures than our parents did and we can write easily about them.

    1. I sure hope he’ll want to hear the stories! I know my sister and I love to hear our childhood stories. My brother…not so much. I suppose we shall see. The uncertainty is definitely not a reason to stop blogging though!

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