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Friday Photo Recap: The Sunday Edition

In case you were wondering, I *do* have some issues with time management.  I am particularly good in the procrastination department and with having too many ideas at once and forgetting what I planned on doing.  This partially explains the inconsistency of my Friday Photo Recap posts.



Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

7 thoughts on “Friday Photo Recap: The Sunday Edition

  1. Hello,
    Is the booster seat same as a car seat or is it something you can buy specifically for babies to sit on at the table? What is the advantage of it if you compare it with a high chair? As you can see you got me curious because our son cannot sit up yet but eventually these will be questions I will have to address.
    Thank you

    1. Actually the booster seat was part of the high chair we bought. We’ve been using the high chair for about the last 4 months (started using it to include our son at the table even before he started solids) and it was great to get him up to the right level and support him at a time where he still wasn’t able to sit up on his own.

      I don’t know of any table booster seats that can also be used for the car.

      However, it takes up a lot of space (or, ours did anyways) so it just made sense at one point to just use the booster part at the kitchen table.

      I would suggest to shop around and ask the ladies in your birth club (if you are part of one, like babycenter) which high chair they recomment (that’s what I did). We ended up purchasing the Graco 4 in 1 high chair and are very happy with it. But it was rather expensive (which was fine for us as we are planning on quite a few children). I’ve read quite a bit of good about the IKEA high chairs.

  2. OH MY GOD that BABY!!!! How you find time to blog with those cheeks hanging round is BEYOND ME! OMG I’m a kisser! So… LOL

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