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Mommy Brain At Its Best

Well, now that I’ve gone back to work, I’ve been able to feel the full effect of mommy brain.  It is both funny and frustrating because I used to actually be able to remember things without needing to write them down.  Heck, I used to actually be able to remember things if I actually did write them down too.  It seems though that those days are gone…for now anyways.

So…Just for your amusement I decided to write down some of the magnificent mommy brain moments that have happened since returning to work (*ahem*ahem* two weeks ago *ahem*).

  • Sending a bottle of expressed milk to daycare without a nipple.
  • Forgetting to pack the flushable liners in the diaper bag (makes for fun diaper rinsing afterwards *gag*).
  • Going out to buy some mayonnaise (which I took care to write on a list) and coming back with quite a few things except mayo…
  • Forgetting to give my time sheet to my boss to get paid.
  • Leaving my workplace only to have to go back up to my office once I reached my car because I realized I’d forgotten my keys in my desk.

And finally…

…the one that takes the cake…

  • Yesterday, I had my first appointment with a little girl I am going to tutor for the school year.  Before leaving, I took care to look up the directions on google maps and jot down the information on a post-it.  I grab my backpack and stick the post-it on my dashboard and review the directions before heading out.  Once I make it to the street, I look at my post-it to see what the exact address is…except I didn’t write it!.  So… I decide to try to jog my memory and look around in case a house number jumps out at me (figuratively speaking, of course), but it’s just not happening.  I then enter a driveway to backtrack and return home (don’t have a cell phone, don’t want one).  Once I get home, I call the dad to explain that I’ll be late and shamelessly tell him why I’ll be late, jot down the exact address, double check it and leave the house once more.  I drive another 15 minutes or so until I reach the street and park in the residential driveway…the very same driveway I had entered less than an hour before to backtrack and go back home.

Oh mommy brain, how I love thou.

What tricks has you mommy brain pulled recently?


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

12 thoughts on “Mommy Brain At Its Best

  1. WOW, what are the odds that you would have pulled into the EXACT driveway?! That’s crazy! I have mommy brain too and make LOADS of lists in order to survive!!!

    1. I know, it’s crazy that I pulled into THAT driveway. The good part, is that my story was a good way to break the ice with the dad and the student lol.

      I’ve started keeping lists too. I just need to get used to actually using them ;).

  2. Oh my goodness, this sounds like my life. I am four and a half years into it and still “not who I used to be” – I put it in quotations because my mom tells me that ALL THE TIME. (accompanied with wide eyes and a slight shake of the head) There is hope though.. a coworker who had twins 8 months before i did bounced back to normal almost immediately. Here’s hoping you’re more like her than me! 🙂 Best wishes on being back to work.

    1. Haha, I can just see your mom’s expression as she tells you that!

      Though I do hope I get my brain back quickly, I am at least comforted in knowing that my mishaps give the people around me (myself included) a good laugh.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. oh my, I can RELATE! When leaving for work, I have forgotten my phone SEVERAL times (and I am addicted to mine, unlike you!), I have forgotten my schedule book listing the times of all my clients and one extra fun time, I forgot a critical piece of work equipment – I work as a figure skating teacher and I forgot…my skates. I realized this halfway across a very long bridge (with a TOLL) I had to turn around, then sit in peak traffic and missed my first 3 lessons, that wasn’t a great moment!

  4. I was bad before kids but its unbearable now…and getting worse! I wonder if my smart phone is my saviour or I rely on it so much that my memory thinks its not needed anymore!

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