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Ten Thought Tuesday: September 17th Edition


  1. I’ve decided that I wasn’t going to be pumping anymore.  I realized yesterday that it was something that was really stressing me out and it usually took about three 20 minute sessions to get enough milk for one bottle so.  I’ll still be breastfeeding when I’m home with Little Dude, but otherwise, he’ll be getting formula.
  2. I’m still trying to figure out a way to integrate blogging into my working mom routine.  I’m happy with the two stable posts I manage doing per week, but I need to find a way to read and comment on my favorite blogs.
  3. I think Charles may have fifth disease.  It was running in the in-home daycare he attends and he was the only one who hadn’t caught it yet.  Yesterday, he spat up after each feed and last night was pretty bad sleep-wise.
  4. On Sunday, we’re going to Little Dude’s first swimming class.  He’s in the “little splashers” group!
  5. Fall seems to be well and truly here.  I really need to get the little man some long sleeved onesies/shirts and perhaps a coat.
  6. I would really start to feature some guest bloggers on my blog, I’ll be dedicating a post on this soon!
  7. We are really enjoying the Sandra Boynton board books at home.  I bought them after Jocelyn from The Home Tome mentioned them a few months back and I am not disappointed.
  8. Does anyone know of a class of FSL (French as a second language) that would be interested in exchanging letters/postcards with a group of ESL (Enslish as a second language) teens with learning difficulties?  I was thinking the FSL students could write in French and my ESL students could reply in English!
  9. I am part of the Group Postcard Exchange that Valerie has organized through her blog.  If anyone is interested in swapping postcards with me, you can shoot me an email at mommytrainingwheels (at) gmail (dot) com.
  10. I’m tutoring tonight and am sooo tired.  I have no idea how I’m going to manage to stay awake.  Wish me luck!


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

6 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: September 17th Edition

  1. We LOVE Sandra Boynton books. I have her address somewhere…we are planning to request her autograph on one of our (her) books. The Going to Bed Book is my favorite. 😉
    Oh, I hope he doesn’t feel worse. 😦
    Can’t wait to read your ideas about guest posting!
    And I don’t blame you for weaning yourself from pumping. That’s a lot of work (and hastle)

    1. I absolutely adore the Going to Bed Book! Also love But Not the Hippopotamus. I’m eager for Little Dude to get better. Today he’s hardly eating, he’s always biting down when nursing, he’s whining pretty much non-stop and he’s hardly sleeping. He must be feeling pretty miserable the poor little guy. And yes, pumping is a PAIN! Especially given that I only have a single hand pump.

  2. What great fun to read! I feel you on the onsies. Also, little splashers?!? what a great idea!! Ill have to look into that for McKinley. Being a guest blogger sounds fun! Can’t wait to read more. Hope all is well!

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