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Friday Photo Recap: On Sunday…Again…


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

14 thoughts on “Friday Photo Recap: On Sunday…Again…

    1. It’s crazy, he’s always pulling up lately. A part of me is eager for him to start walking so that I don’t have to carry him as much, but another part of me isn’t so eager because I know that things are going to be even crazier and I’ll probably be carrying him more when he won’t want to listen and follow.

      1. You are way ahead of the game with your expectations (meaning: most first-time parents don’t think of the reality that is toddler walking!) I felt that way with Samuel. He started walking a few days before his first birthday. He was cruising for a few weeks before that. 🙂

  1. He has such big expressive eyes in his pics, just adorable. I know what you are saying about the walking thing. I think I really need to take Thor more places where he can get down on the floor and move around. It’s kind of hard to do that here where we are staying because there just isn’t a lot of room, and way too much for him to get into. He has a playpen to move around in when we are in the living room, and does well walking along the rails. Hopefully we will get to move somewhere soon where we can let him loose to move around more.

    Totally off topic, I think he may have had a mild reaction to something at dinner time tonight. The only new food we have added to his diet this week is apples, so I am going to ask the pediatrician how to test out if that’s what gave him the rash, or if there is something else in the house we should be looking at.

    1. Do you not have a park nearby where Thor could go about and explore? It’s too bad that he can’t explore the house too much, but I totally understand that when you have a small space, it’s hard to keep every dangerous thing out of reach.

      Food allergies/reactions are such a pain! How widespread was the rash? Was it the first time he’d had apples when he had the reaction? If so, it’s probably not apples because the immune system needs to have the food at least twice before it can dish out a reaction to it. The best way to try would be to just give the offending food item alone and see what happens…and have some Benadryl on hand.

      I hope for you that the rash is totally unrelated to allergies.

  2. It was his 4th day on the apples, and nothing happened except a mild rash that cleared up within a few hours on its own. As for parks, there are a few nearby, but none with areas really designed for kids to play in for quite a few blocks. There is one next door to where we are going today, but I have to be careful even walking through that one because of all the walnut trees, as I have allergies myself.

    The park closest to us is just a V shaped patch of grass with a war memorial statue in the middle of it, at the intersection of 3 rather busy streets. There is a bigger park about a 20 minute walk from here, with a small playground, but it’s in a rather iffy area, and over half the park is taken up by a deck hockey rink. The equipment there is all geared toward older kids though, no toddler playground, or swings of any sort.

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