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Friday Photo Recap: The Video Edition

Today, I’m breaking the “rules” and posting a video instead of a few pictures.  It was taken on Tuesday, but I feel it a very accurate representation of our week at home.

This ^ is what happened every time I put my son down on the floor since Monday.  Every.  Single.  Time.  At first, I thought it was separation anxiety, but he doesn’t burst into melodramatic tears when I drop him off at daycare.  Nope, he just does it when he’s at home and it is driving me bonkers!  He seems to find it particularly annoying that I am unable to have him in my arms at all times and he is very good at expressing his annoyance towards me.  It’s actually pretty funny (except when it’s been going on for half an hour), he’ll start by sitting there and looking me as he screams bloody murder.  Then he’ll crawl towards me and hang on to my legs and continue to scream and cry if I don’t pick him up.  I try to distract him, but the distractions are usually short-lived (although 5 minutes of calm are better than none).

Usually, his fussy periods last a week.  We’re on day 5.

I will not survive this.


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

9 thoughts on “Friday Photo Recap: The Video Edition

  1. Beau Charles même quand il pleure. On pourrait appeler çà le Caprice des Dieux !!!! Facile de succomber à ces larmes de crocodile – Juste à tendre les bras……Courage belle Sophie tu es capable et j’aime ton rire qu’on entend sur la bande sonore. A bientôt ta g-m qui t’M

    1. Haha, je ne peux pas vraiment faire autrement que de rire des fois. C’est tellement exaggéré son affaire que c’en est drôle.

      Au fait, il y avait le rire de Marc sur la bande aussi 😉

      Je t’aime 🙂

  2. Thor is in a very similar stage, he’s back to wanting John to hold him almost all the time. (mom is apparently chopped liver unless I’m who he wants at the moment) He’s also firmly rooted in the fear of strangers phase, not really when we are away from the house as much, as when someone he doesn’t know comes over to visit. Our roommate brought a guy she’s been dating over, and he screamed the whole time the guy was here, and today he did the same thing when her brother was here also. He clung to John the entire time and refused to be put down.

  3. Wow so many teeth already, Thor only has 3 teeth still, and has a 4th almost ready to pop through. Then again, My oldest daughter only had 2 teeth for the longest time, and then suddenly at around a year old cut 12 all at once, so it really is vastly different for each kid.

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