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Group Post Anyone?

They say that two heads are better than one.  Following that logic, three, four, ten, etc. heads are better than one too, right?

I’ve been thinking about doing a series of posts called “Musts & Busts” and I need YOUR help to get them done.  Each post would address one specific subject and would list some of the great and not-so-great items we have bought/received/used for our children.  The goal is to arm new (and not so new) parents with our experience so that they know what to look for when they start shopping for their gear (or pulling their hair out because, y’know, their little one is teething).

Anyone interested?

The first theme I’d like to cover is baby toys. For the sake of this post, I’m talking about toys that are manufactured for those under the age of 12 months.

What is the absolute best toy that you bought or were gifted for your little one.  How about the absolute worst?

If you’re feeling up to sharing, just shoot me an email at mommytrainingwheels (at) gmail (dot) com.  I plan on posting this on Friday, November 1st so I’ll be accepting submissions until that date.

Oh!  And, I’ve also officially been accepted in the Top Mommy Blog directory!  So if you like my blog (and if you feel like it) just click on the fancy new button that in my sidebar.  One click = one vote.



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20 thoughts on “Group Post Anyone?

  1. I can send you an email soon, will just have to do some thinking, especially when comparing the toys available now, compared to when my older kids were younger. The age gap is fairly large there, but I do think a lot of the same things are still available now.

    1. Oh, top mommy blog is something that you can sign up for. You just have to go on their homepage and find the sign up button. It’s really a simple process: paste the button in your sidebar, fill out the application form and then wait for an email confirmation that you blog is accepted.

      Looking forward to that email 😉

    1. Hum, that’s weird. Maybe the site was down? When I clicked on the button it immediately brought me to the site’s home page, that’s all that needs to be done really, there isn’t any voting button directly on the site. Thanks for the vote!

      1. Same thing happened to me last night, but it’s working this morning – I voted (and left a comment/rated your blog!) 😀

  2. Great idea!
    My idea of baby toys (and other products) has seriously changed so much over the years! 😉 Will email you my thoughts.

    1. Thanks! All you have to do is click (and it will bring you to the homepage). I honestly can’t find my blog in the listings, but Valerie was able to comment on my profile page. Hum, I’ll have to ask her how she did that…

  3. Hmmmm, need to put some thought into this. As soon as my kids outgrew baby toys I passed them onto other kids, so I don’t have any around to look at and remember!!

    1. If something does come to mind, I’d love your insight on the subject. Otherwise, I’m sure you’ll be able to participate in another group post down the line, I’m planning on doing quite a few of them.

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