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A Sensory Paint Bin for Babies…Keeping the Mess Contained, One Baby at a Time!

Love this! I am definitely trying this out with the little guy!

Small Potatoes

“One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making discoveries.”  ~A.A. Milne

My regular readers will already know that I run an equal opportunity household when it comes to play. Just because you’re little, doesn’t mean you are no entitled to exploration opportunities. I don’t believe “being a baby” is a spectator sport. But I do understand that there are certain limitations that come with infancy, and that is one of safety. There simply are SOME things that babies can’t play at.

But art should never be one of them.

Of this I’m certain.

I get it…art with babies is a messy undertaking. They spread their “masterpiece” everywhere. They put the materials in their mouths, they shake and smash things, and they spill.

Here is an activity that helps contain all that a baby will do, but still allows them the freedom to explore the art…

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4 thoughts on “A Sensory Paint Bin for Babies…Keeping the Mess Contained, One Baby at a Time!

  1. Love the A.A. Milne quote! I really try to get Griffin to explore as much as possible, but my OCD nature freaks a little at anything edible. I wonder if there could be anything to use besides food coloring…and maybe an allergy friendly version of cornstarch. Perhaps arrowroot or tapioca starch, and blueberries? Raspberries? Thinking aloud here and really wanting to do some tub art!

    1. Hum, I’m certain that tapioca starch would certainly work. As for food coloring, I would think beet juice would work great for red… I’ve also seen people do pain simply with pureed fruits and veggies so if you really want an allergy friendly version, you could try that! Also, if you’re looking for a ton of sensory activities for babies, I strongly suggest you go check out the Growing a jeweled rose blog. It’s FULL of activity ideas. Here’s the link:

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