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Does A Baby Really Need Shoes?

As Ned Stark would say: “Winter is coming”.

It really is getting cooler around here.  The leaves are no longer a multitude of colors (in fact, most of them are on the ground now) and each morning feels cooler than the last.

Yep, winter is definitely coming.

My daycare provider actually asked me the other day if I had any footwear for the little guy.  You see, she goes out for a stroll with the kids each day and though my son is dressed warmly enough, he lacks protection from the cold on his feet.

Yep, I still bring my son outside sans shoes.  My mother-in-law had actually bought some shoes when Charles was four months old and I returned them because…well…hang on, I am getting ahead of myself.

I thought the sitter’s question/request was a very logical one.  I mean, Little Dude is definitely cruising with ease now and he has taken a couple of steps on his own here and there (mostly when he thinks we’re not looking).  I suppose it’s a question of time before he decides to adopt walking as his new means of transportation.  And, of course, it definitely is getting colder outside.  Of course, the cold wouldn’t be a problem at all if the little guy would stop kicking the blanket off his feet when he’s in the stroller.

Silly baby.

Anyways, I figured it was time.

So today, when I finished working, I drove out to Panda shoe store, a shop that specializes in children’s footwear.  Since I had no idea of what size my son needed, or how much room his toes needed or other important stuff like that, I figured that a specialized shop was the place to go.  I really enjoyed my experience there.  The lady that helped me really took the time to explain a bit about the foot, measure my son’s feet properly and explain what she was doing and why.  The little guy tried on quite a bit of footwear before I settled on some cute little booties to keep his tootsies warm when he’s outside.

So stinking cute!
So stinking cute!

I was very happy with my choice and was ready to pay, but then the saleslady started talking about how he needed shoes while he was indoors.  My expression must have changed, because she immediately launched into an explanation about why it was so darned important for Little Dude to have shoes indoors.  I politely listened to her explanation, but my brain just couldn’t understand; everything I have read so far has indicated that wearing footwear too young was a bad thing for the foot.

I ended up purchasing just the boots and explained that I would have to think about the indoor shoes.  Then, when I got home, I jumped on the Internet and started to search for sources that would support both sides of the shoe debate.  Next week, I am planning an informative post regarding baby footwear where I will explore the pros and the cons.

Meanwhile, I would love your insight on the subject.  Do you think babies need shoes indoors?

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10 thoughts on “Does A Baby Really Need Shoes?

  1. NO shoes indoors here – ever! It prevents them from feeling the floor properly, or positioning their feet right…or something like that. lol I didn’t even buy shoes for Sam until he was walking well (about 3-4 weeks after he began walking) I first put shoes on him when he was at the zoo and I let him walk around the playground.
    It is tricky if a little one is going to be outside in the fall/winter, though. I’m sure I would have bought a pair of SUPER cute boots like that for him if he’d have been outside every day and wouldn’t keep him blanket on! 😉

    1. It’s good to know that there are others out there who are forsaking shoes altogether indoors and as much as possible outdoors. I too had read that it wasn’t good for the feet for various reasons. I totally agree with buying some to protect from the elements, but indoors? I mean, come on!

  2. First of all, can I just say I love the Ned Stark quote? I’ve read all the books and love the series 🙂

    Second, I’ve actually read that shoes hinder their walking and learning process. They need to feel the ground on their feet, and learn how to place everything so the toes and ankles know what to do! So – with that said, I’ll admit that I, too, am a mommy that “neglects” her kid by taking him places in less than hot weather without shoes. He may have on socks, but typically there will not be shoes on! I did purchase some very adorable wintery shoes and boots online from Gap, Old Navy, etc, but they came and have very little traction on the bottom, which just messes him up even more when trying to crawl around.

    1. Hehe, couldn’t help but quote Stark, it was so appropriate 😉

      I heard the same thing with regards to shoes, that it could hinder their ability to learn to walk. I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only one who “mistreats” her child by not putting shoes on in cooler weather.

    1. Glad to hear it! I’m thinking the lady just wanted to make a sale, which is fine as it’s her job, but I’m happy I was at least somewhat informed about baby feet before I went in to get the boots otherwise I may have actually bought them.

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