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Ten Thought Tuesday: October 29th Edition


  1. Tomorrow, I’m going to the Children’s hospital to see the pediatric allergist with Little Dude.  Finally!
  2. I’m hoping that the appointment will bring more answers than questions.
  3. November is coming fast and right now, two novel ideas are bouncing about in my head.  I need to choose SOON.
  4. November 1st is also the date at which I’m posting my post on toys.  I’ve received two awesome submissions so far, but I would love to get more.  For more details, check out this post.
  5. My attempt at making my son’s costume was a major fail, I’ll have to find something to do with his clothes for Halloween.
  6. I really need to write back to the two wonderful bloggers who sent me postcards about a month ago…
  7. …I also need to post their wonderful postcards on my blog.
  8. The little guy has started jumping.  Yes, jumping as in feet off the ground.  He has also taken a few steps on his own, but only when he thinks we’re not looking.
  9. I have no idea what we’re eating tonight given that I forgot to thaw the meat we needed…
  10. Just played bananagrams with a couple of students.  I absolutely love it because it resembles Scrabble, but it doesn’t take forever to play.

That’s it for today.  Look for an update post in the next days following our appointment with the allergist.


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15 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: October 29th Edition

  1. Sophie, I wish you good luck. From my understanding and my personal experience with allergy testing, I find it very unhelpful and even sometimes more confusing. My daughter is highly allergic to cats and tested negative; she tested positive for chicken which she ate routinely without effects. Another daughter tested fine for dairy and her body clearly didn’t tolerate it (although I know that IgE is not the culprit in her case). For us, elimination diets provided way more knowledge, obviously recommended to be under the supervision of doctor. However, it is difficult and your doctor will not want to recommend it, especially for a child. Gluten intolerance will not be detected by their tests, but is beginning to be understood by mainstream doctors: We had a great allergist and he was behind my dietary modifications. I am grateful to him, although his tests weren’t worth much. Hope you come up with something for supper!

    1. Thank you for the good luck wish. It’s so hard, especially when they are babies as they can’t communicate to indicate a tummy ache or another symptom of allergy. I really have to go with what I see. Thanks for the link on celiac disease, I heard about it when I first started researching food allergies. So far, it doesn’t seem to be the case though.

      1. Geesh! Sorry! I saw the TTT and was thinking of Valerie at Atlanta Mom of Three! I am SO sorry! My brain was on auto-pilot! Forgive me! I will do better in the future! Whatever the source of symptoms, I hope the mystery gets solved!

  2. I’ve been neglecting wordpress lately so I don’t know when you made the changes, but I love the new look of your site! Having fun catching up on some of your posts as well. 🙂

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