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Ten Thought Tuesday: The Recurring Theme Edition


  1. Yesterday, we had a family outing…at the medical clinic.  It turns out that my partner and I “just” have the flu, but the little guy has an ear infection, an eye infection and would have ended up with pneumonia in a few days.
  2. Of course, this means that he is on antibiotics.  So we “torture” him twice a day by shooting salt water up his nose and then using a pump thingy to get the snot out and by rubbing an antibiotic gel in his eyes.  The only thing he’ll take willingly, is the banana-flavoured antibiotic.
  3. On top of it all, I’m pretty sure that Little Dude’ left pre-molar is about to cut; he is slobbering like there’s no tomorrow, always has his finger on that side of his mouth, wants to nurse a lot (though, that’s probably due to his cold/infections) and is constantly clenching his teeth while nursing..
  4. On the good side of things, one awesome blogger has already sent me her Musts & Busts with regards to teething.  I would love to hear from other awesome bloggers to really build and interesting list.  The original post (including my email address) can be found here.
  5. Despite wanting to do NaNoWriMo, I have not written a word yet.  Not.  A.  Single.  Word.  The month of November has been much too crazy so far.
  6. I am still looking for some bloggers who would be willing to write a guest post for me.  You can check out this post for more details.
  7. On Friday, I am going to go buy some educational games with a co-worker for a lunchtime activity we’re planning on starting up.  Yay!
  8. I’m really looking forward to watching the first season of Dexter.  I’ve heard such great things about the series and my parents have lent us the first season.
  9. I recently started to play Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, but I’m not sure how I like it yet.  I personally wouldn’t have added an installment to the series, but hey, who can blame the company for wanting to make more money?
  10. Started reading Dan Brown’s Inferno yesterday.  I’m hooked!

Happy Tuesday (what’s left of it anyways)


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

2 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: The Recurring Theme Edition

  1. AWWW, you poor things! *Just* the flu?! Yikes. You know, Joshua had those same secondary infections the year he had the flu. He was older, so the meds weren’t too hard to give to him, but boy, did we all feel terrible! 😦 I hope you guys get better SOON! XO

    1. I absolutely hated hearing the doctor say that it was *just* the flu and that *all* I had to do is rest and fill my body chalk-full of tylenol and such things – like that was easy with a breastfed sick 11 month old who has only slept through the night a handful of times…sheesh.

      No matter how old your kid is, it’s never fun to have to give them antibiotics.

      Thanks for the get well wishes 😉

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