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The Beltlock : Product Review + Giveaway!


*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Project5 Creations Ltd. in any way.  This product review is based on my personal and honest opinion.*

A couple of weeks ago, Denise, from Project5 Creations Ltd., contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a product that was designed for child safety.  After hopping over to the website of the product to check it out, I immediately responded that I would be very pleased to try it out and review it on my blog.

Less than a week later, I received in my mailbox not one, but two beltlocks, one to try out and review and one to giveaway on my blog!

About the beltlock

From their website:

Safety is of paramount concern for every parent, especially when traveling with children. The inadvertent opening of a seatbelt is dangerous for the child and distracting for the driver. As a parent you can protect your children by using Beltlock to secure their car seats in place. It fits easily over the seat belt receiver and can be removed without difficulty by an adult.

Initial impressions

Though not related directly to the product, I think that it is important to consider that it was very easy to communicate with a Project5 Creations representative.  I received replies to my emails very quickly and the shipping was really quick.

The actual product is well packaged (no overpackaging!) and the beltlock comes with easy to follow instructions.  It is small, lightweight, and a bright orange colour.

The claims

– The beltlock is easy to install and remove

– The device fits easily over the belt receiver

– It prevents a child to easily unclasp their seatbelt

The verdict

Even without looking at the illustrated instructions, it is very easy to figure out how the beltlock works.  It is indeed very simple to install and is large enough to fit over any belt receiver.  Once the device is on, it is very easy to secure the seatbelt and it is indeed impossible to unclasp the belt without using an object (like a key) to release the seatbelt.

I like that the beltlock is compact and lightweight thus enabling a parent to stow it in the glove compartment, a purse or a pocket while not in use.  The bright orange colour makes it easy to find too.  I enjoy the simplicity of the product and think that it is useful not only for assuring the safety of very young children, but could also be used with special needs children, teens and adults.

In conclusion

I will definitely be hanging on to one of the two beltlocks I received.  The product does exactly what it claims:  It works, It’s easy to use, it’s practical and it’s a simple solution to a problem that I am certain more than one parent has experienced.

Want to go check out the Beltlock for yourself?  Go check out their blog, website or Facebook page.

The *giveaway*

As I mentioned, I received two beltlocks from the wonderful people over at Project5 Creations and I am super thrilled to give one of them to one of you lucky readers!  If you’re interested, just let me know in the comments section of this post.  Next Tuesday (November 19th), I’ll be randomly selecting a winner from the participants which I will announce in my TTT post.

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13 thoughts on “The Beltlock : Product Review + Giveaway!

    1. To be honest, I had the same concern at first. However, though I don’t mention it in my review, the product is designed first and foremost for children who are still in car seats so in the case of an emergency, you’d be able to get your child out of the seat by undoing their harness.

      In the case of an older child, I think the product should be used only if they refuse to listen and continue to unclasp their belt despite warnings and consequences. In the case of an accident, I would prefer my child be secured by a seatbelt than be thrown around the car because they decided to undo their belt.

      Thanks for your input, Lynn.

      1. I completely agree. And that makes sense knowing it’s primarily meant for car seats. I would rather my kids secured then thrown around as well. I think it’s a great product, My first concern was just in an emergency. Although, I think in an emergency something like that wouldn’t be enough to prevent me from getting my child out if I had too!

      2. You concern about an emergency situation is definitely a valid one. But I agree, I don’t think anything could stop a mom in “mama bear mode” during an emergency even if the beltlock were used to keep a kiddo strapped in.

  1. I see this as great for the carseat belt where the belt is looped through the “chair” to hold it in, rather than the new hooks. There have been times when the kids packed into a backseat all together. As the older ones buckled themselves, they inadvertently tried to use the carseat buckle. Not knowing, the carseat was then not latched to anything to hold it down. The kid was buckled in the chair, but the chair wasn’t buckled to anything! I agree with MommaNeedsCoffee (I need my second cup…), I’m not sure about this in emergency situations. However, if you have a pesky child who keeps unbuckling, the benefit may outweigh the risk. Good review.

    1. I hadn’t thought about the inadvertent unbuckling of the belt when a few kids are packed together in the back of a car, but I can definitely see it happening. I agree that the beltlock is a great solution for keeping a carseat strapped in.

  2. I love this, and could totally use it!
    Joshua sits right next to Samuel (‘s carseat), and my husband has worried about J accidently unbuckling it.
    I wouldn’t want to use it on an older child’s buckle (for above mentioned safety concerns), but for a carseat, I think it’s a great idea! Please enter me. 🙂

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