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Getting Ready to Wean

I’m ready.

It’s not because I “want my body back”.

It’s not because the little guy will supposedly start STTN once he’s weaned.

It’s not because I’m eager to stop watching what I eat.

It’s not because others feel that I’ve already been at it for too long.

I simply feel like it is the right time.

At first, I had planned to go for six months and then wean.  However, at the 6 month mark, I was nowhere near ready.  Nursing was going great, it was practical and there was just no way I felt like it was a good idea to wean.

Then, I had planned to stop at 9 months, because I knew that I would be away for my son for 4 days.  Except, I couldn’t do it.  I pumped and pumped and pumped like mad to try to get enough milk out for him for when I was gone and felt comfort in the fact that I would be able to put him to my breast when I returned from my trip to New York.

After that, I started to wonder whether I should wean once I returned to work.  Pumping became real old, real fast and I wasn’t sure about the logistics of returning to work and continuing to nurse.  However, again, I was not ready.

But now, a few days shy of my son’s first birthday, I feel ready.  To be honest, I think he’s rather ready too.  I mean, for the past two months he has never once asked to be nursed.  I was always the one to initiate.  He’s down to nursing three times, when he wakes up, before his bath and during one of his night wakings (when he has more than one NW, he’s only nursed once).

I’m planning on doing this gradually, starting by taking away his evening nursing session (seeing as he’s already getting a bottle two nights per week while I work).  Then, after a week, I’m planning on taking away his night feeding.  For this, I’ll be requesting the help of my partner who’ll be getting up to calm the little man down if and when he wakes up.  Then, on the third week, I’m planning on removing the morning nursing session.

I don’t know how well this plan will work, or even if it is a good idea, but it feels as though it’ll be easier on my body and on him to wean him over the span of 3 weeks to a month.

I would love to have some insight from experienced mamas!  How did you approach weaning?

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12 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Wean

  1. The first one got stopped fairly abruptly at about 18 months when we took a trip abroad. My mom watched her. When we came back she had become a thumb sucker. That habit has stuck, and I felt like it was my fault. My others weaned later, about 2 years old or so. They were pretty easy. Gradual. Best of luck to you and your little one!!

    1. Sam started having two stuffed animals he clung to once I weaned him, and he still does. I guess they need a comfort item to replace nursing sometimes.

  2. You sound like you’re in a good place about it. 🙂 I did similarly with Maggie and it went perfectly. She wasn’t asking, she liked her meals at the table, and it wasn’t part of her bedtime routine. She was already STTN, but I’m sure that would have fairly easy to change as well if all the other feeding were dropped.
    P.S. Samuel DID start STTN after weaning, and so did Joshua. lol

      1. It’s crazy how much nursing can affect baby/toddler sleep. But I really think the pros of breastmilk for the child outweigh the cons of night-waking for the mama. 😉

  3. This is when I got lucky… my baby girl weaned herself. A little over a month ago she started refusing my breast. I would try, she didn’t want. The only time she’d take it was first thing in the morning. So I began giving her milk (mine & rice milk mix) in a sippy cup (since she was good at drinking water that way). Then we were leaving for a trip and due to the craziness of trying to leave early in the morning, bf got skipped and she didn’t care. I didn’t know it at the time, but bf was over for good after that. I have just enough left to mix with rice milk (still having dairy issues) until she’s officially 1 and then it will just be rice milk.
    Even after I finally realized it was over and no more pumping, I found it strange I didn’t feel like I “got my body back”. Because I’d been doing it for months, I was still thinking ‘I can’t eat that, it’ll make her gassy’ before choosing a food. This habit was really hard to break! Certainly harder than I thought it would be. I thought I’d all be like “FREEDOM!” but instead I was just stuck in the habit. One thing I’m not going back to is cow milk. I like rice milk and with sources (and treatment) of food more in question these days, I think it’s better to avoid cow milk anyway. So maybe this permanent change is what makes it harder to allow in other foods I’d been avoiding as well.

    1. I have a feeling that things are going to go quite well on the weaning front here too. The little guy has already been drinking soy and/or rice and/or coconut milk in a sippy at daycare when I stopped pumping because he would absolutely REFUSE formula. I was thinking of keeping him on rice milk once he was weaned, but the pediatric allergist said that he needed (soy-based) toddler formula to ensure that he had enough fat content in his diet.
      It’s funny how our brains are programmed, isn’t it? I thought I’d be eager to go back to dairy, but now, everytime I think about eating something with dairy, I’m like “urgh…doesn’t sound good”, I’ve all but convinced myself that I am allergic.

      1. Except cheese – bring on the cheese! I totally MISSED CHEESE!!!! But cow milk alone, nope I’m good.
        Yeah, my ped said she’d HAD to have either breast milk or formula until she was a year.. well we’re damn close… what’s a month? ;-P She gets good fats from other sources like avocado, black olives and fish. I’ll know for sure it’s all good when she weighs in for her 1 year appt on the 25th. As long as the kiddos grow, it’s all good.

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