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Ten Thought Tuesday: November 26th


  1. Just got back from the 1 year vaccinations (Happy Birthday, now let me stick a needle or two or three or four in your arms!).  I took the 3 “normal” vaccines but declined the flu vaccine (I figured three needles were enough for today).  I’m unsure whether I should vaccinate the little guy against the flu or not.
  2. This weekend we will be going to an awesome kiddie indoor playground complete with things to climb, ball parks and a whole bunch of other interesting things.  I can’t wait to see Little Dude in action.
  3. Charles reacted to something at daycare this week.  So far, every time he’s had a reaction there he’d had chicken.  Since we know he’s not allergic to chicken, I can only assume it’s to a spice.  *Scratches head*
  4. Weaning is going well so far, the little guy will take a bottle in the evening no problem even if I’m the one to give it to him.
  5. Look out for an interesting guest post tomorrow!
  6. Swimming lessons are almost over.  In January, the little man will be starting a baby gymnastics class where he’ll be able to climb, learn to roll and do a range of other fun things!
  7. Finally found the bathplug yesterday.  Turns out, the little guy didn’t flush it down the toilet after all… (he just hid it in a cupboard…).
  8. I’m really happy because this weekend, I’ll have enough time to make a birthday cake for Charles.
  9. I’m finally feeling better and I think I might actually be able to work the WHOLE week for the first time since the beginning of November.
  10. Fall is definitely behind us (despite the fact that we haven’t got any snow yet).  But I still managed to snap some awesome shots of Charles in the ginormous looking leaf pile about two weeks ago.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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16 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: November 26th

  1. Glad you’re finally feeling better! That was a long, horrible one! And you know I have a comment on number 3. (Hee, hee, hee!) I tested negative for chicken allergy, but I still have symptoms with it. I now avoid it. Also, if the chicken was not made by you, it could have milk protein in it (for example, Qdoba’s chicken has a dairy component). My first daughter tested positive for chicken allergy, but she doesn’t have symptoms. Anyone care to explain? No. Allergy testing is the best we’ve got–but that doesn’t make it good. (Sorry for the rant. I’m a bit disappointed in my field in this area. I’m a bit frustrated at how most doctors rely so much on allergy testing without understanding its huge limitations.) And lastly, it could be a spice. No matter what–all a bummer! But life is good–have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. It’s frustrating to say the least. I had been told to not get my hopes up with allergy testing, but I had still kept my fingers crossed. I know she makes everything from scratch at daycare and she has always provided me with a complete list of all ingredients that were used. Right now, we’re trying some of them individually – we’re down to spices and herbs. She also suggested the the little guy may be allergic to sulfites so we’re going to keep that in mind.

      Allergies are complex and I totally understand your frustration especially since you deal with them at home.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you!

      1. It is frustrating. I have read of people being sensitive to some spices. When I did autoimmune Paleo, they eliminate the spices from nuts and seeds (like nutmeg and cumin, etc). Which I guess actually makes sense, since they’d be most like nuts–which are commonly problematic. I’ll attach the link to her post on this just ’cause I thought it was interesting to see which ones are seeds:

      2. This is really interesting (thanks for the link, you are just FULL of resources!). I think I’ll integrate the spices progressively according to their classification to see if I can find a link with regards to what makes the little guy react.

      3. Yep. Interesting it is. I feel like I’ve been in just about every nook and cranny of this internet researching this stuff for myself and my family. It’s a whole new world for me. I had no idea. Med school and pharmacy school pretty much scoffed at diet stuff. Anyhow, I’m happy to share links I remember so they can decide for themselves like I did! Happy Sunday!

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