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Ten Thought Tuesday: Anniversaries and Thinking


  1. Haven’t blogged in a week.  It feels weird, but good at the same time.  Then again, writing again (after a short hiatus) feels good too.
  2. We finally celebrated my son’s birthday last weekend at my parents’ house.  I made an awesome cake with my brother and decorated it to look like a clown.  The little guy loved it!P1110764
  3. Yesterday we had some light snow followed by some light rain followed by some cold weather overnight.  Bad combination, especially on the minor roads that weren’t really cleared properly.  I had to be pretty cautious while driving to make sure I didn’t lose control on black ice.
  4. I received a request to see if I would selling some advertising space on my blog (which, I was told, would be unobtrusive).  I never thought my blog would become interesting enough that it would become an option so I was pleasantly surprised by the message.  I haven’t replied yet because I’m thinking it through and would like your opinion, would it bother you if there were advertisements on my blog?
  5. I just finished reading devouring the Divergent series.  Seriously, I was ridiculously enthralled by the books and read them in like, three days (the last time I read so much in so little time was when I read another trilogy about a dystopia – the Hunger Games).
  6. The little guy is getting better and better at walking and it’s a joy to watch him toddle around glowing with pride at his accomplishment.
  7. He’s also teething.  Again.  It.  Just.  Doesn’t.  Stop.  For those of you not keeping track, he’s up to 12 teeth and his lower canines are working their way up.  Not fun.
  8. I can’t wait for Christmas holidays to come ’round.  I’m in serious need of some time off to recharge my batteries.
  9. This weekend I’m going to the Salon des Métiers d’art!  It’s so awesome because it brings together a lot of Quebec artisans who will exhibit and sell their work.  I’m sure I will find more than a few things that will catch my eye!
  10. The city workers started working on the rink in the park right across my house.  I’m planning on trying to find some ice skates for Little Dude and bring him skating during the holidays.

How was your Tuesday?


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15 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: Anniversaries and Thinking

    1. Thanks! Good to know that the ads wouldn’t bother you. I wanted to run the idea past you guys because it was more important for me that you felt like coming back to my blog than it was to gain revenue from writing.

    1. I know! I think I despise teething. I “comfort” myself in the knowledge that we’re already more than halfway there. The ad request came as a complete surprise for me, perhaps someone’ll contact you too! Take care Georgia.

  1. Nice to see you back, great cake ! Our weather has been the same here although now we are in the pluses which is nice.
    Wow how many teeth ! Poor guy. Yay for walking. 🙂
    Have fun on the ice.

    1. Thanks! Oh, lucky for you to be in the pluses! We were last week, but now we’re dropped right back down to 20 below which means the diaper bag is stocked with shea lotion (my sitter uses it to protect my son’s face when he’s outside because he keeps pulling the scarf away from his face and it works great!). Are you planning on introducing Vinnie to skating?

  2. I definitely wouldn’t mind the ads but WordPress frowns upon them (paid ads, anyway) That’s one reason why I intend on moving to a different host down the road. Of course, you can switch to and run ads instead. My friend, Kelsey, recently did and it wasn’t a big deal for her. 🙂
    Anyway, it’s nice to see you back! I kept checking to see if I’d missed a post, and now I *had* somehow (you posted this two days ago – where was I?!)
    Glad you enjoyed the book series. It’s so much fun to find a book (or books) that pull you in like that!
    Love the cake!!

    1. Thanks for your reply Valerie! I had no idea that WP didn’t allow third-party advertising. That sucks 😦 I think I might just contact Kelsey to see how the transition went for her. (By the way, my AAF will probably pop up tomorrow afternoon).

      1. Yeah, it surprised me to find that out about ads too. :/ If I am remembering correctly, Kelsey wrote a post about it just after switching.
        That’s fine! My post is up and I just said yours is coming this afternoon. 🙂

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